Map settings question (bought a shifter kart)

Hi I’m new here.

I bought a 125cc honda shifter a couple of weeks ago and It’s been really fun but I have a question regarding the engine settings.

Since there’s obviously no injectors I assume this module controls the ignition timing but does anyone know what are the default settings for A/B/C/D? (I assume its preconfigured and isn’t configurable later on).

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Welcome. Quick thing before I answer, please update your profile to include first and last name :+1:

The bottom line is that it’s hard to know what is programmed into each of the selectable maps. It really depended on the tuner and or what kind of racing they were tuning for. Someone like @NSEWnoah might be able to give some clues on trends.

Here’s a topic on another programmable CDI setup to mull over.

I gave that a quick read and apparently they aren’t pre-set so its all custom and there isn’t a way to see whats going on besides getting it into a dyno which I won’t do since I just bought it for fun and not competitive racing.

Are there any inscription marks on the box or switch. The other issue is that you can’t be sure the maps were set for the setup you have in terms of track/fuel/pipe/reeds/compression/carb etc etc etc


Send a message to Mike he designed the system,


It doesn’t have any inscriptions, but afaik it has the same engine carb and parts than when it was setup, certainly not for the track I reace it in since its way too small for a shifter, but its not that important I race rallies competitively, the kart is just to fool around.

Its helping me learn a bit a few things since karts this powerful are very sensitive to throttle control and in rallying you can get away with an on/off approach, Its also so sensitive to trail braking and I dont feel street/rally cars feel that way, perhaps I’m not pushing the rally car as much as I should to feel it, its far more scary to push in rally, particularly tarmac than in the kart.

I’ll contact Mike, thanks for the tip Garett.

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Haha, I’ve heard that before… then it pulls you in. Welcome to Karting, we’re happy you’re here.

I’m originally from Ireland so you can imagine I love rallying. For sure rally is more intimidating in some ways.

For sure karts an cars behave a lot differently. I think of a kart as an intense, accelerated learning program. The principles and high level concepts are identical.

My 2c would be to not get too caught up in the specific traits of how one handles vs the other and just think of it as an excercise in identifying what any given racing vehicle needs from you. You can use the kart to improve your thought processing speed, looking ahead and other high level concepts that apply to all vehicles.

If you haven’t had a chance to dig yet, there’s some great driving (mental) technique discussions on here, again high level concepts that apply to all racing/performance driving; #data-acquisition