Mobile Tool Box Suggestions

Starting to get into Lo206 racing and trying to figure out what mobile toolbox setup will be best.

I know there are people with enclosed trailers and full on mechanics sets with roller boxes, not looking for that type of setup—more of the one man race program setup


my brother and I both use the 30" tool cart from Harbor Freight and I think you’d be very hard pressed to find anything better for the money…and the for the money part goes a long way for something that’s going to be in a trailer and potentially beat up a little bit from track use.

It’s surprisingly large, has a ton of utility, rolls in and out of the trailer with ease if you would prefer for it to be outside of the trailer on race days. I’ve really found no flaws with it and can’t recommend it enough.

edit, it’s always on sale too just wait for a coupon. I think I paid $189 for mine add my brother paid like 179 in one of the yard sales.

@Andy_Kutscher - My trailer is a small 6x8 open trailer. Do you think its still worth it moving it on and off?

It’s going to be more difficult to secure to an open trailer, so removing the casters and hard mounting it to the deck might be preferable. Then it’s hard mounted to the trailer though and I don’t know how secure your storage location is and if that means packing and un-packing the box each race day. It does come with locks to secure it.

I have used this plastic box from Sears for years. I really like it. Combine this with a tote from Home Depot or Lowes and you can get all of your stuff to the track. I need to economize on space because everything needs to go on or in my Volvo V70 kart hauler.

If I had more space, I would go with one of these Rubbermaid work benches.


Here is mine all packed up

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I bought this the other day. Used it today for first time. Works great off the tailgate our being wheeled around. The drawers are great compared to some of the other stackable mobile set ups that all open from the top.

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I’m a one man show. So a large wheeled Pelican case with all my tools, drinks, helmet, suits, etc in there. It’s lockable (if you use a numbered lock, no need to have the key on you on the track), waterproof, and I can sit on it. So I don’t have to bring chair, table, etc. I was able to find a used one locally for $80 on Craigslist.

I prefer the Storm series. The latches are better in my opinion. The wheels are also roller blade wheels, which are easily replaceable.

It depends on how much tools you want in it. I have a small set of wrench, hex, maybe an electrical impact. Most of my work is front loaded in the garage and I don’t race. So I only go when the weather is good.

If you race, then you may want a bigger case or have more cases for spare tires, etc.

When I had an open trailer I used a small top box similar to the Craftsman Paul posted above. I found it was enough tool storage to get the core tools I needed in it, and it’s easily moved where needed. I brought my spare parts in a plastic HD tote.

If you’re using an open trailer you probably don’t want to leave a steel toolbox on it because it’ll rust. If you have the space and enclosure for the HF box my brother posted, it’s totally worth it. I love that thing. Now it holds all my tools and spares in one location that’s easily moved around. I just get home from the track and roll it in from of my normal home stacker toolbox which rarely gets used anymore.

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Wasnt sure by what you were defining as a mobile toolbox: A toolbox that is meant to be carried or a vehicle/trailer suitable for a single person on a budget. So Ill just describe what Ive done:

I currently have an old (2008) Ford E-350 which was a plumber’s van in its former life. Its (just) big enough for the kart to fit inside with the stand sideways in front. I now have a Husky 3 drawer tool box mounted to the wall via E-Track and shelf brackets. The insides of the doors are used as pockets for oil, locktite, etc. Ran a power line to the back so I can keep everything on charge between races, an old Harbor Freight solar charger (this seems to be the closest equiv) in the window to offset that load, and another panel for the stand’s battery.

Im now looking into some niceties like running air hoses so I dont need to move the air tank, hangers for the suit and safety gear, better ramps to get the stand inside (currently using pieces of E-Track), vehicle mounted awnings so I dont cook in the sun, etc

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Milwaukee Pack-Out. A bit spendy but well built. I’ve beat the snot out of mine already, they fell out the back of my Raptor, and still work great. Snap together really well and you can remove parts bins without everything flying around in the organizers. I bought the 3 piece set and added 2 small parts tray organizers. Use the seconded bigger container as a small cooler. Can detach what you don’t need and roll some of the essentials up to the grid.