The mini-tool box for OVRP

Ovrp has a mechanic team on staff that can take car of most things but they only have so much time.

Talking with a new racer’s Mom, she was wondering what she should buy. Got me thinking about myself as well.

Stuff like changing brake pads, engine work, mounting tires, would be handled by the shop. I’m thinking a small kit for self-reliance around the little things and messing with setup.

Because of the nature of the place a small kit seems like it would consist of:

Tire pressure gauge.
Can of lube
Set of allen wrenches
Smallish adjustable wrench
Socket wrench and sockets
One of those screwdrivers with the multiple heads
Smallish pliers
Smallish clippers
Bag of zipties

Any other must haves?

I chain break would be the only other thing I could think of

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I race quite a bit away from home (my garage at the local track). Whether it be street racing or a travelling series. People always make fun of me when I show up with 1 single tote (about 12"x12"x24") with all my tools in it. Literally everything. I run a Briggs 206 on an OTK STV450 and here is EVERY SINGLE tool I take with me on travel weekends.

  1. Set of Metric Allen wrenches (You really only need 2.5mm, 4, 5, 6, and 8)
  2. 2x 10mm wrenches, 2x 13mm wrenches, 1 8mm wrench (cant remembe what that was for, but I needed it 1 time). 1x large adjsutable wrench (I use this for making front width adjustments)
  3. Harbor Freight 1/4" impact with a 10mm socket (for my lug nuts), 7/16 socket (for gear changes), and a 13mm socket (for clutch cleaning).
  4. Snap ring pliers (really only need these if you are doing a driver change on clutch)
  5. 2 Screw Drivers (1 flat head, 1 #2 phillips)
  6. Needle nose pliers
  7. Side cuts

Liquids: 1 can of brake clean, 1 can of chain lube, 1 pre-measured oil change (and a funnel).

With these tools, I can do jsut about anything: Front width, rear width, caster, camber, gear changes, clutch cleaning. Any larger repairs beyond this, I would need to beg/borrow/steal anyway.

Guys with the giant trailers always amaze me. They have like 10 of everything in those trailers. BUT, I am glad they are there. If I do need an extra tool, I walk up and ask nicely. I dont think a single person has ever told me no. Thats the beauty of the karting community.


@fatboy1dh and @Kart_35 Thank you!

Ok so here’s a feasible list? Sorta meant to be easy.

It appears to make more sense to buy 2 sets of cheap wrenches rather than buy these piecemeal. You will also need 1 8mm wrench.

In case you want to buy fuel 5 gal at a time and save a few bucks. I’m not sure what oil we add to fuel in lo206. It (Fuel and oil) can be bought at track as needed as well. Only downside, is if you aren’t paying attention and you need fuel when they are busy, could be an issue.

As mentioned by @OldFartKarter Tape!

@GregF and @Kart_35 Recommend the Craftsman Versastack system for tool storage. You’d could start with a simple bag/box but over time, look into a modular system that can grow with you. Stuff that rolls makes packing/unpacking easier, but this small tool collection doesn’t need a serious box yet.

I threw up amazon links to make it easy, but Jeff B is already doing pretty good for himself. So, here’s a place you could support for some of these items, (fuel jug, lube. maybe some other parts):

To be inclusive, if y’all have a favorite retailer online, LMK and I will include link below Comet.

These might be helpful:

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Thanks, TJ. OVRP has a neat setup where you can have them do most of the stuff, for a reasonable fee. This is meant to be specific to the OVRP margay series in terms of minimal. No brakes/engine/clutch, pulling bent axles, that sort of stuff. Super minimal.

Do your pressure, do your gas, zip tie your electronics, broken faring. Mess around with setup stuff that doesn’t require major whanging.

I’m trying to be specific for a fellow racer’s Mom who will presumably use thread as a shopping link. :grinning:

Thats a great list.

I’d throw in an impact driver (if he is 206) which makes sprocket changes and clutch removal much faster.

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Hmm. Good call. I think for this I’m going to assume that any whanging that is serious gets done by the shop, at least until the lad (and me) learn through observation/being taught. Can expand as skills expand. It’s why I didn’t include the suggested chain-breaker. Think of this as a “not relying on the shop for little things” kit. And the perspective of little things is that of a newbie.

Also with Allen wrenches I have found it useful to have a allen wrench socket that can go on a 3/8 drive rachet

I will add this. Whatever changes to the kart you are comfortable making, then I would buy the tool(s) to do so. In the beginning, it may be only a few things. As time progresses, you will find yourself adding more as the need or desire requires.

Personally I am an old car guy. Even before starting karting, I had a ton of tools. At home I have a old Montgomery Ward two chest box I inherited from my grandfather and its stocked to the brim with mostly automotive stuff. Since I started karting, I have added more kart specific items and bought a rolling tool kart to fit my needs. I started with just a storage box on wheels, but that became tiresome trying to find the tool I needed in pile. I would suggest something like the VersaStack system from Craftsman.

It can be customized with different combinations of bins, drawers and storage all on a wheeled base to easily move around. Best thing I ever bought for karting. I know where everything is and don’t have to dig through a pile of stuff to find it. Also on race day, it doesn’t take much to move it around or set up in my pit spot. Thanks to its modular design it is easy to break down into smaller lighter parts for packing up. Not to sound like an advertisement, but this or something similar will come in very handy at the track.

I get where you are thinking on this, but I tend to over-prepare. Experience has dictated what I have in my tool box. However, keeping your POV in mind I would suggest a dead blow type hammer too. As for the tools, I would only suggest the allen wrenches with a ball end. If you are really trying to minimize the reality is most fasteners on karts are only 10,13, 15 or 17mm so you could select sockets and wrench that are only needed and whatever size your front spindle nut is.

I see you have Amazon links posted, but if you have a Harbor Freight nearby that might be a better way to shop.

As for the impact gun. Very handy, but can also cause damage if not used properly.

I would also suggest tape, black electrical type and heavier duct tape.

AND of course a place to put all your tools!

I personally use that same craftsman setup and I love it!

A small roll of duct/racers tape.

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Dead blow hammer is a great value ad. Didn’t think of that before, but definately a useful tool to add to the list.