What should be in my toolbox for karting

Hi all. Rookie question about tools. I don’t have anything at the moment. I have a Rotax Max 125, Tony Kart chassis. Just wondering what you would recommend to be the first and most important things in a tool kit I’m putting together? Thanks for your help.

• A digital camera, credit card and the rules for any club or series that you are going to be involved with.

• A metric mechanics tool set. Sockets with 3/8 drive, combination wrenches, drive sockets, long arm hex keys. A set should be cheaper than buying individual tools. Example: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Mechanics-Tool-Set-270-Piece-H270MTS/309161789

• Hammers: a dead blow or rubber mallet and a ball-peen.

• Screw drivers, flat blade, #2 & #3 plus a #2 Philips.

• A torque wrench if you are going to do any engine work.

• Safety wire and plyers if your rules call out for it.

• Tape measures, ½ inch with English and metric markings.

If you have a place to work on the kart now, start taking off bits and putting them back on. It will be better to learn at your leisure now rather than panic mode at the track. Take pictures before your start so you’ll have a record of exactly where every nut, bolt and washer was.

Later, you’ll need tools to mount and un-mount tires


Great list from Tony. Regarding hex socket attachments, harbor freight stocks a long-reach set that I find works very well in situations where the standard hex attachment and extension combo might. Not sure if you have access to these where you’re located, but I would recommend purchasing if you do:

I may be overkill, but here are a few additional items that I try not to leave without, when heading to the kart track:

  • Drill with a range of bits
  • Make sure your tool sets includes a full range, or any oddities that your kart may require. Examples: 21mm(?) socket for stub axles, small flat blade screwdriver for inner pilot jet,
  • vise grip pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, snap ring pliers, needle nose pliers
  • utility knife
  • duct tape, electrical tape
  • valve core remover
  • sharpie, pen, pencil
  • large adjustable wrench
  • folding table (to act as work space, if needed)

I have my 21mm socket for the wheel nuts on a breaker bar. It makes it quick and easy to get them on and off, it’s just allways there ready to go. You can be quite sensitive in how tight you make the nuts too.

also… one of these spring puller hook thingos is handy… Spring puller hook thingo

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I added a ton of crap I haven’t hardly touched.

But T handle allens. And Socket long reach ball end allens is one of my most used. They can get in almost anywhere.

Spare beadlocks and O-rings.

For tires I got a cheap debeader and it works great. I got frustrated getting my ass kicked mounting tires. So I bought the tire scissors and man are they awesome. Worth every penny of the 109 they cost. And since the shop charges 5 a tire to mount they will pay themselves off in no tome.

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Seconded on the tire scissor tool. That thing is a godsend.
I’d also recommend a 1/4in electric impact. But be careful with it. Steel bolts in aluminum or magnesium bolt holes should never be impacted
Picks and hooks are good for exhaust springs and taking apart a carb


If you’re over 30, ibuprofen is a good thing to have.


Throw a spark wrench in there too. Take all the tools you can.

  1. After a few sessions, you’ll figure out that you need this tool or that tool.
  2. Purchase that tool.
  3. Back to 1.

Started out with a minimal set of sockets, a crescent wrench, a screw driver and a pair pliers in my back pocket. Now there’s two tool boxes going to the track. And I’m eyeing a couple of more tools. :grinning:

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Only cause I just picked up a set ill add feeler gauges. This is more for the 4 stroke guys. But it doesn’t hurt anyone. Also get your self a dial caliper.

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This is great. Thanks.

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Depends on space you have and how much you expect people to borrow your tools!

I take decent sized Rollcab as its what I have space to carry (54x22x28)

I pretty much make sure I have enough tools to work on anything at the track that includes the tow rig/trailer if needed. Just remember tools weight alot! So just because you have room just make sure you have capacity for the weight.

I didn’t see anyone mention a chain tool. “Chain breaker”
Also you might need circlip pliers.
Clutch tools can be pretty specific too.

Circlip pliers are a thing? I totally use a flat head and needle nose.

Chain breaker is a good idea for sure

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Why yes, they are.
After using the correct tools vs. hack - I’ll go with proper circlip pliers if possible. More so if at all a repetitive task.

Pretty much a must have in my experience.

I was mostly kidding. Cause I have a set of snap ring pliers. And agree it’s worth it. But e clips and the retention clips. I’m sure there are pliers for them but needle nose or flatheads work just fine.

My chain breaker I don’t use often as 4 strokes haven’t seemed to tear them up to bad. But it is in my box next to a new chain just in case.

I would say what’s in your box could depend if you have power available for things like compressors and such. If I was running a small 4x8 trailer id probably setup a 12v compressor system with something like a viaar pump and 5 gal tank. I run a huge trailer so I just bring a generator

On the E-clips (Front Axle) I just use the inside of the socket to pop it up. Less back and forth on tool swapping. I keep the front axle socket on a spinner t-handle. One thing about karts it is easy to have some dedicated tools. What I did is only have wrenches and tools in the size needed and multiples on some.

I do find using circlip pliers helps with keeping them from getting damaged or dropped.

We run different configurations so gear changes are pretty often. So length adjustment are not uncommon.


Thanks for the helpful posts here in this thread.
I’m about to make some purchases for tools, for my son to start karting by the end of next. A local store will be helping me out with the kart/safety equipment and other items.

The only thing that I’m responsible for is the helmet (which I’ve ordered thanks to everyone’s help), and a set of tools.

I’ve came across this link which I found to be helpful.

Just wanting to be prepared for next week, can someone please help me decide between these tool sets:
278 piece mechanics set
274 piece mechanics set

268 piece mechanics set

287 piece mechanics set.

Sorry for sounding so ignorant on this issue, but I’d appreciate if someone could steer me in the right direction on what tool set to purchase. The one listed above unfortunately was sold out.
Appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you. Just trying to make it happen for my kid.


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I read the entire thread, I’m still laughing at this :rofl:

OK, half inch wide tape measure with Imperial and Metric markings, twelve feet long. A fabric tape measure comes in handy for measuring tire circumferences.