New to Karting. What tools do I need?


I just bought my first LO206 and I’m wondering what tools will I need? Im going to make a tool bag for the track and what does everyone carry with them?

I was thinking 1/4 and 3/8 socket, a wrench set and some snap ring pliers. Anything else?

I wrote an article a few years ago on this topic that might help.

Welcome to karting, and welcome to the KP forums!

Sweet. Thanks! I just read it over. Do you suggest any other tools? I noticed you didn’t have a snap ring pliers on there.

It obviously depends a lot on your budget, you can go out and buy tool kits for karting but that’s more of an outlay.

What you can do is go over your kart and look at the jobs that you’d be willing to tackle in the pits. Some tools will be fantastic, but never used outside of your garage.

(I assume snap ring is the same as circlip?)

It depends on your kart, also. You’ll probably need some metric tools. I’d recommend metric and SAE sockets and hex wrenches as a bare minimum. As soon as you can swing it, a cordless impact driver is worth it’s weight in gold for ease of getting wheels and your clutch on and off. I use 10mm and 13mm sockets/wrenches (1/2-inch is a good approximation for 13mm) and 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex wrenches most often, but we have CIK (European-style) karts. Not being able to find your 10mm or 13mm socket in the pits is somewhat of a rite of passage for every karter. :slight_smile:

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10mm socket is something f I’d recommend having 2 of. They have legs.

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I may be remembering it wrong, but doesn’t the LO206 have imperial nuts and bolts?

But you can often “get away” with using metric wrenches for imperial bolts. I’m trying to remember from memory what is my tool box (I have a small one that I can carry on the tray below the kart).

10 x 2
11 - for 7/16"
13 x 2 - also for 1/2"
19 (rarely needed)

Hex T-Bars
2.5 if you have an OTK
7 if you have an OTK

10 x 2
13 x 2
Spark plug (to match the lo205 spark plug)
21 for front hub

Circlip/snap ring pliers
Side snips
Long nose pliers
Spring puller

Hammer - preferably weighted with nylon head (i think its nylon?)
Tire pressure gauge

Big screwdriver
Little screwdriver
Big phillips screwdriver
Little phillips screwdriver

I wrote all this down then found this:

Which with delivery is only about $240. Get that.

Thanks everyone for their feedback!!

Regarding SAE nuts/bolts on the 206, no, they’re mostly metric from the factory, but you can have some weirdness. You can have the exhaust bolts tapped out to 1/4-20, for example, but they’re M6 from Briggs. Same with the carb nuts and bolts, you can easily replace the stock metric ones with SAE. Your first time checking out a used Briggs motor can be like a box of chocolates. :smile:

Most of the industrial based engines have a UNF thread in the drive side crankshaft end which we use for retaining the clutch.
Definitely 5/16 inch UNF on Honda gx160/200 and most clones.
Definitely 3/8 inch UNF on Honda 390 and clones plus Briggs V twin.
I expect it will be 5/16 inch UNF on the 206 needing a 1/2 inch a/f spanner. I would use a long flat ring or combination spanner for clutch fitting/ removal with a suitable impacting device (hammer).

Along with what everyone else said, some karting specific tools that you may not think of:

  • Chain breaker
  • Safety Wire pliers
  • If you’re mounting your own tires, a bead breaker is essential and a manual tire tool is not essential but is worth the 100$ to avoid frustration and/or injury
  • For 206 you’re going to want a socket to hold the crank bolt. I think it’s a 3/4".

I’m looking to get a trailer for my kart. Exploring the harbor freight option, but the link doesn’t link to a product. It also says you need to make it yourself. Any advice or feedback for an open utility trailer would be appreciated.

Thought about looking on Craiglists or classifieds for a used trailer?

I’ve been looking on Craig’s list and Facebook Market Place. Would a 4x8 folding harbor freight with plywood added be wide enough to fit the kart? May take that route.

I used a similar bolt together 4 x 8 trailer with a truck box on front for tools for two years. I had to get creative to be able to easily remove both, but also have them secure against theft, but it was very doable and worked well

Thanks, Todd. I’m thinking I’ll store my tools in the back of the SUV for now. My main concern was whether the kart fits on the 48" wide trailer. Since it doesn’t have rails, I figured it would. It will be stored in my garage when not at the track.

I had no trouble fitting. I stored inside also, but wanted to secure for stops at gas station or stopping for meal on the way home. I worked well enough that I used it until I came across used pop up camper for $50 that I was able to modify.

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That’ll fit. You might want to remove some items like the pods, or the rear wheels or something, but it’ll easily fit in 48 inches. Might just have to be creative.

Just realize the rear width of most 2-stroke karts is about 55” so you’ll have some overhang. Also consider what wheels/tires come on the trailer, their speed rating, and how you intend to get to the track (freeway).

I’ve used a simple 5’x8’ landscape utility trailer for the past couple seasons with good success. I was able to get it with large enough wheels and tires to be rated for 81mph so I can tow on the freeway without trouble.

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Do you use a mesh bottom or have you covered it?