Monitor(s)? For Simracing: how you rolling?

Ok one of our pals is gonna get a rig and is asking about monitor sizes etc.

I run VR so not much help.

Are you guys running single large monitor? Doubles? Teuples? What size?

Etc… how would you recommend rolling for iracing with monitors?

I currently use a large single monitor but as soon as budget allows I will be swapping to a triple monitor setup. If your friends budget allows I would suggest triples 24-32" monitors, less than 2ms G2G and 144hz, picking between 1080p, 1440p and 4k just depends on budget and GPU.

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Eying up the possibility at this point. Still need to sell the wife on why this purchase is mission critical :joy:

@tankyx as our resident alien, what are your thoughts?

Tell her I did 583 actual races this year for less than 100 dollars in sim.

How much is 583 shifter kart races irl?


What kinda cpu/gpu for triple 24s?

Is 1080p too low? Or with triples no biggie?

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@speedcraft tbought some on clubsport v3 pedals you own?

Price wise they are 359. They have little vibration motors and look very cool.

The csl elite which I own are now discontinued (at least load cell kit is).

Those were 99 bucks and solid metal. The LC kit gave you an extra pedal so you would have 3 pedals. I think it was another 100 or so.

The current replacement is

These are 79 and they will have lc kit soon. I am guessing the model in between (that I use) is going away.

From here, things get pricey… heusinkveld and the like…
Here’s a high end hydraulic example:

If I had to guess this means infinity raised to the infinite power, so, a lot more than a rig.

Bingo. My problem is that I’m look for this to be an “and” not an “or” :sob:

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Wellp… I can state with a good degree of experience at this point that, to me, it’s a no-brainer.

Quite simply, the vast amount of sim I do has effectively been the playground in which I have learned to drive. I, personally, do not approach sim (consciously) any different than IRL karting. There is Zero adjustment mental or technique. Everything I do in sim informs my real driving and vice versa.

I have data. Laptimes etc. it all supports that sim has allowed me to improve my skill significantly, IRL and virtual.

It is my position that I would not be nearly as competent at karting as I am without having spent so much time in sim.

So, from a cost perspective, sim, to me, is an ideal training tool. For about 3k you can have a killer rig and if you are like me, you will benefit massively from it.

I am, however, unusual, I think. Most people believe that the two are different disciplines with different rules/techniques. I believe that this is, for the most part, incorrect. Spend a year in sim. You will learn how to transition from sim to irl seamlessly.

Who knows, maybe you are alien potential, and maybe you could try to compete.

If I try to mentally price this:
Base 500
Wheel 200
Pedals 200
Rig 450
Seat ? (Can be super cheap or expensive) 250
Monitor arm (big single) $80

Less than 2K

PC doesn’t need to be awesome for iracing on monitors.

The v3 pedals (with the optional plastic insert kit for personalizing the brake pedal feel) are good. However, I hardly ever use the clutch (except for leaving the pits, and that’s just because I have it). I think that any decent two-pedal setup that has a load-cell brake would be fine.

I think that if you have significant IRL experience/pace, then going from IRL to sim can be challenging because you lose the vestibular feedback of g-forces, loads, etc. I found that getting 95-98% of a sim car’s potential came very easily/naturally, but that 0.2-0.5% that the aliens can extract. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Let’s just say I’m still working on that 2.5 years in.

I think that going the other way, sim to IRL, there can be challenges, depending on what your stepping into. A low or medium powered kart is not that daunting, but if you’re climbing into something very fast/dangerous, or expensive, then the realization that the reset button is gone, and there are very real consequences for misjudgements/errors, can make the transition to IRL a bit less seamless.

On the monitor front, I’ve got an RTX 2080 running 3 Viotek 27" curved monitors on an Omega GT tripple-monitor stand. Works well, but I have transitioned to VR for now.

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51" 720p plasma for me :smiley:

That makes sense and I started karting basically simultaneous with starting sim. So, for me, the development did not involve having to unlearn expectations.

Evan has been using a controller. I suspect that he will transition to wheel just fine. He was quite fast on the controller and already knows how the grip behaves differently than irl. Though he’s an accomplished shifter kart guy, I suspect that he won’t have huge issues.

For the most part, it’s the braking that is different, sort of. The braking follows the same rules, it’s just that the way the rubber behaves is idealized and in some ways, exaggerated.

My “sim experience” dates back to the days of F1 Challenge '99-02, eventually progressing to rFactor and various mods. A good friend and I had identical Logitech Momo setups that we would clamp onto our desks, and for being kids (13-14) we were quite serious. Not stellar, but I’m itching to get some time in a “real” sim setup to see how it goes.

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thats my sim rig , triple 27 samsung g5’s 1440p love it


Very nice. What wheel is that?

its a GSI , amazing wheels and well worth the money and wait no plastic all carbon fiber and aluminum pricey though was almsot $2200 canadian when converted from american but gomez is an awesome guy and builds the wheels live on twitch

My original setup was wheelstand and big tv, Xbox. It was pretty cool using a 55" tv as a giant monitor and sitting close to it.

The big triples must be incredibly cool. You’d need a lot of free space for the rig, though.

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It looks pretty special. Are you using a big DD?