Mounting OTK Throttle/Brake position sensors

I’ve been searching around looking for good ideas on how to mount an AIM Throttle Sensor.

This one specifically.

I working right now on how to mount the sensor magnet to an OTK pedal.

I found an OTK specific kit from AIM technologies. It only kinda works. The magnet does not line up directly with the sensor, so it reads until about half throttle, then loses the reading.

What have others done? Any pictures, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be very helpful.

And, the best view of the pedal I could find on a Tony.

@KartingIsLife Thanks for moving this. I missed the data category.

Post up some pictures of what you’re working with. Might spark up some ideas.

No worries. Sometimes it’s not really clear where something belongs…

I found this image on kartpulse. This is the exact pedal I have on my kart.

I will take more pictures the next time I’m at my kart.

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This is the OTK throttle pedal.

And, another view of the same pedal on a Redspeed.

And, the best view of the pedal I could find on a Tony.

You’ll have to fab your own custom brackets. An off the shelf bolt on option doesn’t exist to the best of my knowledge.

Here’s another thread with some info/pics: Throttle and Brake Sensor Installation Help

Looking at the AIM website, it looks like the OTK specific sensor mounts to the kart frame where the cable sleeve terminates and the magnet rides on the cable itself.

On my OTK chassis the sleeve stop is just a tab 90 degrees to the direction of travel of the cable. If yours is the same, you could simply fabricate a bend in a piece of steel or aluminum and attach it there. No need to attach it directly to the pedal.

Does that work for you? I’ve been trying to make mine work, and the voltage goes up until about 2/3 of the stroke, then goes down. So, I don’t get correct readings.

I do not use one, so cannot say if it works or not. If you are having issues, I would reach out to AIM. They are pretty good about working with people to fix issues like that.

Unfortunately, it’s not an AIM bit. It’s a custom bit by AIM technologies in the UK. I haven’t had much luck so far.

Is your travel too long? Can you adjust pedal travel to cut out the dead zone?

I know these are on a Birel and not an OTK, but this is how I have them mounted on our kart.

In the AIM data sheet for this sensor, it states in the installation notes that the sensor must stay between 5 and 40 mm of the magnet. Too close or to far and it may not read. Have you tried adjusting the mounting to stay in that range? Shifting the contacts up or down from the pedal pivot will change over distance of throw.

I’ve never had any issue with them not reading. And I actually think they are in the range that AIM indicates. I’ve even had them mounted on two different cadet karts in two different ways, without issue.

@GregF Thanks for the information. I will check that out the next time I’m at the kart. It could be that I’m out of range.

@Zebug Do you have the AIM Technologies bit that you are using?

What do you mean by “bit”? I’ve been using the brake and throttle sensors and the expansion box.

This bit here from AIM Technologies

I don’t have those pieces, they didn’t come in my kit. This thread is the first time I saw that setup.

In fact, when I look at their website, they do not show this one. This could have been an old version that they don’t use anymore.

Yea, it’s from AIM Technologies, it’s not from the makers of the MyChron