Mychron 5 data for noobs

I have pre season testing coming up soon, and I figured it would be a good time to figure out how to look at and read data. I have a mychron 5. What programs do I need? What data is most important? How do I read it? Anything helps


Race studio is the program you need.

Best thing to do is watch some yt vids, there’s a host on AIM and power republic channels, starting basic through to xyz traces.

To start with just look to your speed and RPM traces with fastest lap delta and GPS trace on.

When you get into it a bit more switch on the lateral acceleration trace to see where you’re smooth out of corners and where you’re a bit snappy

Another good feature is the track map on race studio with split times. You can make sectors for your track and see your optimal lap time for example. You can also set the mychron to give you live split times vs best sector or best lap. The lights above the screen on my mychron 5 are set to green when my delta is faster and red when I’m going slower. Pretty neat feature, and it allows you to try different things on the same corner to see which is faster.

Other than that, I would pay attention to RPMs/top speed for gearing, and EGT/Water temp for engine stuff like the carb, radiator etc. Of course this depends on the class you’re running.

Running world formula so EGT isnt a problem. How does one set up sector times and to go green or red?

once downloaded, how do I get the information from the mychron onto the computer

@DavinRS worked with AIM on a set of practical videos for Race Studio…

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Typically via WiFi.

Grab the MyChron 5 User Guide here:

See also: Race Studio 3 user guide:

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Here is another good video for initial setup from Power Republic. He touches on the led bar setup which is what I was referring to, but in the video he has it set to RPM. All you would need to do is change the led bar to the predictive lap time setting or whatever they call it (I’m not sure of the specific name Aim uses).


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If anyone here could pass something on to AIM people. Please make a future model that would be compatible with a mobile phone app. This would greatly simplify the data transfer process.

many thanks

I know that a android / iOS app is in the making for Mychron5 and others. And according to AIM, they are in the beta test state. But they dont have any ETA…

What’s the quickest way to download information from the mychron to the computer at the track?


I have a cheap and cheerful laptop that I pretty much use solely for data.

I don’t usually bother with data analysis during the day, I load the data at the days end and analyse it at home. With a beer.

Alfano 6 has that, I believe.
But honestly, it’s not the mobile application that would make the data easier. (Also the size of most mobile phones would be too small to really be able to look at useful data easily)

Small laptop with wifi, and you’re golden.

Honestly, I only really look at my data at the track, where I can make an adjustment and go back out and test it. Ability to make tweaks and quick changes and go back out.

Unless there is just a huge area on the track that I’m just not getting it, by the time that I get home, all of the changes that I would have made to the kart don’t really apply anymore.

If I’m just not getting something about the track, then it’s me at home with data and a drink to cry into. lol

Dumb question but this might be a good thread for it, Can you UPLOAD lap data to a Mychron 5? …like reference lap data from someone else so that you can see real time via the predictive timer where you are gaining or losing ground to a reference lap vs. just your own personal best.

Can you explain the process of how to upload it from the mychron to the computer

  1. Turn on MyChron
  2. Open RaceStudio
  3. Connect to your MyChron’s wifi by clicking the wifi symbol
  4. Click the transfer icon (arrows)
  5. Click the sessions you want in the Download tab

Should auto-load them into RSAnalysis when you open RSAnalysis, otherwise they will be in the Test Database tab in Analysis. Double-click on a test to open it.


Nope, other than having that person drive your kart. :wink:

Video on the same steps in Race Studio.

How do I look at gps tracing? do I need to turn it on? how to I overlay it on the track map? and what settings on your mychron do you find to be most useful? (without using a computer)