Mychron 5 data for noobs

Yes you have to select it, it’s along the top to the left.

To overlay on the map is a bit convoluted, you need to select your laps and export them, then open that file in google earth (you need to download it not open in the web browser). I’ll post you a step by step for that after diving, I don’t have my laptop just now.


Looking forward to this. Thanks for taking the time…

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Here you go


But with Racestudio 3, isn`t this process a lot easier now ?

Sort of. They now have it as an option while looking at the data analysis page compared to having to use Google Earth before. It’s really only good for a quick reference. Using Google Earth appears to be more accurate. But I’m finding RS3 is very buggy. I can’t even get split times to work on RS3 right now, let alone writing custom Math Channels or use a number of other features that were in RS2.

I didn’t try 3, sounds like better to stick with 2 until they sort the bugs out

+1 on what James said.
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and RTFM!
(that’s Read The F***ing Manual)
I just got onto the Micron/RaceStudio3 learning curve too. It’s not too bad. Download the PDF files from the links above. Read through them a few times, it eventually sinks in and makes sense. I suggest setting up your Micron to access your home router, and not as an Access Point (default), that way it’s more secure, and you can still use your computer’s internet connection. In Access Point mode, you’re computer is connected to the Micron only, or your internet connection, not both. Of course, if you’re at the track and don’t have WIFI, you kinda have to use AP mode. But you can password protect it. It’s a sophisticated piece of equipment, as is the RaceStudio3 software, so there’s going to be a learning curve. Ride it!