New IAME X125 Engine

Anyone seen one of these in the wild yet?

They appear to be running them in France in some capacity, Looks like some combination of an X30 and an OK. Power is listed at 37hp, which makes sense as it’s likely just a detuned OK engine.



Some internet sleuthing happened last week

Funny this has come up twice in a week. I may have poked a bit of fun with Michael Valiante about a new X125 :joy:, always busting each others chops every now and again for various reasons.

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That intake is longer than Jeff Bezos’ boat!

It seems to me that their intention is to move this engine into competition. The document Alan posted in the other thread outlines a very thorough suite of Go/No Go gages to be used in tech.

It would be pretty strange to me if they went to the trouble of producing such thorough tech tooling for a weekend warrior engine that won’t ever need it.

Curious to see how it evolves. With the exception of omitting a power valve, this is probably the most ‘modern’ non shifter engine we’ve seen be put into a single make series. I suppose there is an argument to be made that rotax is still higher tech with the electronic power valve, however it only has one exhaust port and the strangely dated choice of a cylinder reed intake.

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Stranger things have happened in karting. :slight_smile:

You’re right, it does suggest something more. But I’ve given up trying to understand what the factories do nowadays.

The more involved I’ve gotten the more I suspect it’s just washing money. :joy:


This one I’m on the fence, it’s a detuned OK with a clutch, no PV and electric start so is it a slightly more powerful X30 or a bland version of an OK? Identity crisis in my opinion.

On the other hand, I do appreciate the South American variants, somehow they all make sense in my mind. The Sudam iterations of the past and more recently the X30 Codasur Senior. Have you checked that out??? :scream:


I wish they would have just committed and ditched the clutch/starter/etc however then again, push start doesn’t necessarily bode well for a masters class, and for complete beginners. I’d sincerely hope that they’ve increased the counterbalance % relative to the X30 as those still tend to have a starter failure or two in their lives .

The South American variants have always been interesting to me. The original Sudam in particular, and then the version Italian Motors had them make right before the breakup with IAME (Called the Nordam.) was pretty sweet as well.

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