New Kart track in Northern Ohio?

I saw this floating around one of the 206 social media platforms and thought it might be of interest here if it hasn’t been posted already. This may be old news to some but it’s a pleasant surprise to me if it comes to fruition! @KartingIsLife delete this it’s already been posted or if there’s a better forum topic !

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That’s a great looking piece of land and thank you US Steel for forgiving the loan to make it possible.

"The facility will start with full-service gas-powered race rental karts open to the public.

The karts will do 55 mph over a half-mile road course, McCrone said.

There will be a 9/10ths mile competition track for events.

Phase two will be a ⅜ mile dirt oval for sprint cars and other races, he said."

So, rental track, legit sprint racing track, dirt oval. This sounds like a race factory. Put an MX course across the river and we are good.


Best part is it would be only an hour and a half from home for me.

Always great to see new Ohio options. I don’t think it’ll be any closer for me than G&J or MCC, but if it’s another good track within reasonable distance it’d be worth checking out.

I keep praying that Mid Ohio will build their own kart track to take after PITT Race, but hasn’t happened.

It seems like they have room to do that, doesn’t it? It would be good to see.

Yes Mid Ohio has the room, I just don’t think they have the desire.

Back on topic the article is from early Dec, and it says there’d be more info available in later Dec city meetings. Does anyone know what came out of those meetings? Is the intent still for this track to be built in 2022 and open 2023?

Here’s what I found so far… It looks promising!

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