New Member Welcome! December 28, 2020 - January 04, 2021

Big welcome to our new members this week: December 28th - January 04th!


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Alright, I’ll go first. I live in Socal. I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, and at 51 I’m jumping in. Going to run LO206 in TRI-C this year. It’s been quite the education just trying to find the right chassis at the right price…I’m about to stop the analysis paralysis and just buy the best set up I can find for $2500 so I can get a few practice days in before the season kicks off in Feb.

One thing I’ll say is the people I’ve talked/texted to who have been Karting for a few years have been super cool. One guy related it to, “the guys on track will be your biggest enemies on the track and your best friends off it.”

I’m looking forward to making some new enemies!


No sooner did I post this and I get a text from one of the guys I’ve been talking to for a week, and he comes down $500 on his two year old VLR with 5 hours on the motor…looks like I’m an owner.:call_me_hand:


Congrats!!! (20 characters)

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Oh, this should be the most fun you’ve had in years, welcome to racing. 2500 sounds about right for a good lo kart used.

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Welcome to the good life!

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Thanks for the welcome.

My son (13 y/o) and I went to the local indoor kart track for the first time on Saturday. They have Sodi RX-7 karts. Needless to say, we left with huge grins on our face. The track layout was fine for what it is, but it got me thinking about how much fun it’d be at an outdoor kart track with a road course type layout (not so tight, with curbs, etc). We’re about 2 hours from GoPro Motorplex and Carolina Motorsports Park.

I have a prospective used kart relatively close by that I’m considering. I’d love to hear some feedback if anyone has any. It’s a 2014 Arrow X2 currently setup for a 206 motor. But, from what I understand, a Yamaha 100 would work if we wanted to upgrade in the future.

Any thoughts on that chassis?


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Not sure specifically on the X2’s versatility for engines, but just wanted to note that the Yamaha class is all but dead in many places, as it has been replaced by the KA100 engine many places over the past few years. The Yamaha has pockets of popularity at a local level, but I know GoPro has a great KA turnout, not sure if they offer Yamaha.

Just wanted to note that before someone tries to sell you on a Yamaha and you get it on the cheap thinking you got a great deal and then find you have no where to race it.

TJ- I appreciate the input. I’m new to the classes/engines. I’d be getting a 206 kart first, then upgrading to a 100 engine if we decided to go in that direction. I’m mainly interested in getting a chassis that is compatible with the 206 and the 100, so we have options in the future.


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If you have a copy of the listing or similar, we could offer an opinion based on visible condition/price.

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Yep, sure do. Here’s the text and photos from the Facebook ad-

$1500- 2014 Arrow X2 good condition has normal wear and tear marks. Have a spare axel that only has a couple practices. Extra front and rear hubs. Extra caster pills for front end adjustment. I removed the 3rd bearing hanger for better clearance for 206 racing. Custom rear hub for small gears. Small nitro gears included 44-48. Also have a hub for larger gears. Extra set of bearings. Has a jecko D3 seat in it. Not open to trades. This was originally Kyle Larsons personal kart. I have raced multiple road races and it has been very very competitive. Does not come with motor.

Looks cherry. From what I’ve been told 2500 is prettystandard for a good lo206 kart with motor. This one is clean and a motor will run you another 800 or so, not sure about engine mount.

I have not bought one yet but for perspective I am gonna buy a margay ignite from OVRP after they have their Daytona race weekend. So, it’ll be one race old and I’ll pay the princely sum of 3750, which is very fully priced.

Oh yeah, budget another 500 for mychron.

Thanks Dom.

I’m also looking at this Margay as well.

Here’s the FB ad-
Selling our 2018 Margay Ignite K3 Sprint Kart Chassis. Well kept and in great shape. Won 2019 206 Senior Class Championship at AMP. Includes Complete Briggs Motor and Hilliard Clutch. Just needs new seat for your size and you are ready to race.

He said the engine had 12 race days on it, but was just refreshed with no hours since. He can throw in a new spare clutch, used rain tires/wheels and some practice tires. He said $2700.


They seem comparable. The 2nd one just needs a seat. So figure another couple hundred.

The other one needs engine and mount?

Without being able to see underside for wear, hard to say.

I just don’t have enough experience to give you a definitive answer (just looking at these myself). My gut tells me the second is fairly priced but on the high side. The first one seems a bit more reasonably priced. But, I don’t know if you need to buy a motor mount and if so how much.

I was thinking the same thing about both karts.

The Arrow actually comes with 2 engine mounts.

Tough to decide. I’m probably going to look at the Arrow this Saturday after we visit GoPro Motorplex.

Well the arrow is clearly the better deal from a price perspective, I would think. An engine mount has gotta be at least 100 bucks?

Check the underside of the kart. Imagine going over a kerb. You scrape the metal. Look to see how deep the scraping is and post a pic.

Also, sticker kit lol. Another 150. Unless you gonna fly the Jolly Rodger and go with naked sidepods. :pirate_flag: Arrow looking better and better.

This has some value, too.

But, so does a set of rain hubs and tires. Clutch, too.

$150 used mychron 3 is perfectly adequate if you’re getting started. Lap times and RPM.

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