New MG / Evinco compounds, whats your experience?

Anyone that’s tried the new Evinco compound this year, what’s your thoughts? Is an Evinco red this year harder /longer lasting than last year or about the same?


This is second hand feedback that I have heard from teammates, but yes, the new tire seems to be much longer lasting. More tread on the tire, stiffer side walls, but I’m not sure regarding hardness of the compound. Tire wear at Homestead was reported to be quite good, even in the shifter categories. I also heard that the tire is slightly faster than the previous compound, but again, have yet to test personally. I’m really looking forward to trying it out, and am super stoked that NCMP has elected to move to MG for their spec tire. You can expect to see me out there in the shifter class for a handful of KRA races!

We’ve only ran the Evinco Blues, and it was at a track new to us, so not sure how much I have to compare on. However, the Blues are stated to be slightly softer but last longer than the previous version. Some racers ran 7 sessions with them (2 warm-ups, 1 Qualifier, 3 Heats and a Final) on them. We did 6 sessions, and had no drop off throughout the weekend at NOLA for the TSRS that was there.

Our next TSRS race will be the real test, because the track we are going to (Gulf Coast Karters) is really hard on tires, and for a TSRS from Qualifying to the Final (3 heats in between) you can lose at least .75 seconds a lap just from tire wear.

I got a new set that I’m planning on testing soon, and what I’ve learned so far is that theyre REALLY hard to mount. They act much stiffer and harder than the old version in the temperatures we’ve had here (I’ve only checked them out in about 60 degrees, so that’s a small factor), but it’s almost enough to make me wonder if I got a bad set or something.They seem like they get a little better when I heat up one spot with my hand for about 30 seconds, so I’m guessing they’re more temp sensitive. I’d be surprised if they made them a lot slower than the old ones, but we’ll have to see. I’ll try to post what I learn here.

It’s the same as Komet, just a différent badge but strictly identical.
The carcass is standard but the tread (tire thickness) is massive, that’s why it feel so hard top mount when you’re not used to.
The tire is quicker by 3-4 tenths compare to old version.

We ran the new compound Evinco Blues again this last weekend. They were the same tires we ran at NOLA, so they were already used. This weekend we were at Speedsportz Racing Park, where we have raced before, so we actually had some comparison. With them, my daughter ended up running about a second a lap faster than she did the last time she raced her (October 2019). I will admit, this weekend was about 10 degrees warmer, but was also a little more overcast. I forget what the wind was like in October, but this weekend was blowing some, which is typical. I’ll admit, her full second may not be all due to the tire, but running on a set that had close to 60 laps across 6 track sessions, has to say something for the tire.

When it came to mounting them in March, I only had an issue with one of the seating, the rest were fairly easy. As far as actually mounting on the rim, I use a Turbo Tire changer, so it’s still easy, but I could tell it felt a little stiffer.