New to karting, need help! Identifying a Kart 😀

Hi , I’m new to karting and I bought a Kosmic Mercury R. I’ve purchased an LO206 engine. The kart is supposed to be a 2019. Can anyone help me decipher this model tag. Any help is much appreciated.
CIK-FA 49/CH/14

I did a web search for 49/CH/14 and ended up with the first result I got was a topic here…

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Per that thread, 49/CH/14 extends through to the end of 2020.


Post pics of the floorpan, brake caliper and lower seat mount tabs where they are welded to the frame and confirming the year should be pretty easy.

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So can you tell me what i identifies it as a 2019 kart?

I will take pictures and post as soon as I can get to the kart

It’s going to be 2020 at the latest based on the CIK 49/CH/14 that’s on the tag. That’s the homologation number for that model of chassis. To know the exact year you either have to rely on the importer\manufacturer to identify it by serial number (in your case that’s CY81193)
Or for someone like Dan to identify it by minor revisions that were made to chassis over the years.

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