Newbie getting started- Question for tall drivers

Hello all, new potential Karter here!

Where are you located?

  • Georgia
  • Savannah area

What age bracket are you in? Junior (<16), Senior (16+) or Masters (30+)

  • Masters (over 40)

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?

-Willingness is a 10…skill is mid level, so 5. I worked for many years at a motorcycle dealership but not as a mechanic. Mostly in parts with some sales. I have basic skills only.

Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

Karting experience is ZERO. I do come from a sportbike background and have been on a track a few times but did not race competitively.

What’s the main thing you need help with to get you started.

Right now I am just reading and researching as much as i can. I would like to get some track time in a rental situation over the next few months, buy a kart and hopefully be in a club racing situation by next spring.

So here is my topic question. I am 6’5. I was reading another thread here where at least one member mentioned being 6’9 so I know it is a sport that is at least doable for me at my size. I’m lean and fit but still at 6/5 I am between 205 and 210 pounds. I have read that pedals , seats are adjustable to some extent. When I am ready to purchase my own are there any particulars to look for that will be better for my size? Certain brands that fit taller riders better or have more adjustability or brands to stay away from? Looking at starting in the 206 class I suppose, as that seems to be the most common advice. Budget is not a huge concern. I’d like to find something used or entry level to start out but if I have to spend 5 or 6 grand on a new kart I could swing it.

I’m sure I’ll have many more questions as this is still very early in the process for me. Thanks all!

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Mid sixes isn’t that unusual. I can think of @jd896 and @GregF. One is about your height and one about 6" taller. 210 means you won’t be needing lead but should be reasonably ok in masters or heavy classes. It’s a given that older fellas are heavier. If you are younger, you’ll be overweight in senior a bit but likely not alone.

Past a certain point you will need a front extension for the pedals called a porch.

Justin tuned his seating position to be more compliant for his height. Since you are tall, you probably will need some help from a tuner/team to get the kart setup. Moving the seat back really changes things, you’ll need to make other simultaneous adjustments.

5-6k should (non covid at least) be sufficient to get a race ready TAG used. For something g like 4-stroke, you could do it for half that, maybe.

Front porch extender:


how far is that from Atlanta motorsports park? i think that’s the closest track, but jacksonvil(103 stree complex) may be. closer but idk

5hrs 309 mi from Savannah.

2hrs and change to Jacksonville

Meanwhile, in England…

Ireland needs to step up comparatively.


my god thats far
irland dosent relly compare to England in momtorsports

Don’t let @KartingIsLife hear you say that! :smiley:

Nowhere in the world really compares to the Uk when you think of single seater pavement racing.

Ireland is a hotbed for rallying. There’s also more kart tracks than showing on that map though. Seven off the top of my head.

For a place half the size of MN and a population under 6m… that’s not too bad.

Here’s some samples

/edit just realized I derailed the topic… carry on @GT3


Well played James. Back on topic with serious face on. :nerd_face:

Thanks Dom. That porch may be a solution. I didn’t know those existed. Is that just a bolt on accessory that would fit any chassis or does it have to be specific to that brand?

Jax is closer, but I was thinking about this series in Barnsville.

Anybody familiar with them? It’s a drive but the series consists of 12 rounds throughout the year. I could make the drive (2.5 hours) a few times to qualify for series standings.
There is also Roebling Road about 30 minutes away which is a 2 mile road course that runs SCCA and sport bikes. They have 2 events / year that have found.

So the situation is not great but I do have options within a few hours.

Being 6 foot have never needed one. I think they are brand specific like the one I showed is for a CRG I think.

You, being differently vertical, would likely benefit from buying a kart through a guy like my Jerry. Someone who can ensure that the kart is set up properly for the requirements of your height.

The series you mentioned must be serviced by some teams/tuners.

Lemme look at series website.

Looks like kid kart through 125 shifter. You could go budget lo206, 125 tag or shifter. (Hard pass on shifter for newbies. Yamaha is an older engine that you can buy cheap but it’s not cheap to maintain. Avoid. Newer engines, better owner experience).

Race 12 is the 23rd. Might be fun to go and talk to race director about getting started and get a recco on who to go to for gear and help getting setup.

The 6’9" guy chiming in. I spoke with Mike Jones (Pro Karter/Co-Owner of Dallas Karting Complex) about the CRG Front Porch. He said it was pretty universal to most brands. Basically it extends the front hoop out and allows to mount the pedals further forward. Personally I had one custom made for my kart by a Roll-Cage builder for under $200. I think the CRG version would have worked too looking back.

Balance of weight in a Kart is critical for it to handle properly. It took me some time to get to where it is now. I would suggest finding a professional to help you set up whatever you buy. From Seat Mounting to Pedal Relocation. You want to be somewhat comfortable and not folded up, but still have the Kart react predictively. I recommend going with a chassis brand that is supported locally or at least regionally. That way you have a support network at your races to help you if you run into any problems or just need general setup advise.

BTW, I grew up in Savannah and spent many a weekends at Roebling Road as my Father raced there. Welcome to the Forum!

i am the karting there isn’t the best tbh

Close is good though.

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Aha! Elaborate without naming names.

takind gown for privacy resons

Ok. Do you think that for someone who is new and not serious like you are yet, would it be an ok place?

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also if you want to go see a big race on January 2nd there gonna be running a big karting race in Jacksonville (ckna)

its fine until you get somwhat on the pace then they have issues with u and it just stops being fun

Roger that. Might be because you are so speedy they can’t believe it.

Might be a different story for the adults. Possibly more chill.

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