Newest Outdoor Tracks in the US?

Doing some research and I’m drawing a bit of a blank here. What are the most recent outdoor tracks to emerge in the US. Say in the last ten years or so.

So far I can think of…

GoPro Motorplex (Moorseville, NC)
Atlanta Motorsports park
Speedsportz (Houston)

Are there others?

There’s a relatively new track in Eagle, ID.

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The Amarillo Kart Circuit (Amarillo, TX) - Showed up on the Texas ProKart Challenge a few years back.

COTA (near Austin, TX) said they had Club Racing at one point, but no dates posted.

Dallas Karting Complex (Caddo Mills, TX) has been around just under 10 years.

Houston Karting Complex (Conroe, TX) sister track to DKC opened a few years ago.

I am thinking there may be one more, but can’t think of it at the moment.

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Aren’t they adding a track or is Mike doing a minor rework?

i think amr in miami is a pretty new facility. but i dont know for shure.
i also know a guy building a new karting facility in ga near atlanta

Mike mentioned a Month or so ago that he finally got the funding to build the second track. Showed me the plans too. It will be beside the current .8 mile course and be able to connect making a Super Track.

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Another visit will be in order. That looks nice.

I just remembered the other Track in North Texas area. KartMoto in Cresson, TX (Southwest of Fort Worth) at the Motorsports Ranch facility. The Ranch has been around for a while, but I think that KartMoto is relatively new. Maybe a few years old.

I will let you know when its finished. As of the 8/8 Club Race, they had not broke ground yet.

Thanks guys. This helps. I need to start talking with people who have done this recently and gone through finding land, getting permits etc. I’m figuring it out as I go… but it would probably go better if I chatted with people who have done this already…

Shawano was 2005, New Castle must’ve been a bit before that?

Olivier, Any idea where the second Atlanta track will be? AMP is awesome but I always thought Atlanta was big enough to support another high quality track.

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Wait. Are you going to be starting a facility? That is exciting.

Yeah ideally I need a permanent home for ice karting so we can do dirt in the summer and generally run things more efficiently. Temp location and working from containers was fine for proof of concept…but it sucked. :laughing: Staff deserve better conditions.


New Castle opened in 2004


I think there are plenty that while not new have made drastic changes to facilities and track that I would say they are in a way “new”

On this list for sure is Whiteland and MCC.

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i dont know to be honest but i know there are 2 karting tracks being built in ga

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Amarillo has been around a while, but is a private track. We will have the final round of the Texas Sprint Race Series there in September.

COTA is no longer doing the bring your own kart. It is only their rentals, which is what their league races are.

KartMoto is new last year. They just finished the track last year, but still need to do the infrastructure for karting events. The last round of the Texas Sprint Race Series was supposed to be held there, but since they hadn’t gotten the pit area paved, it was moved. This is a member only track with regular dues and fees.

San Antonio Kart Complex just opened this year. Currently it is rental karts, but I think they have plans to allow personal karts on the track at some point. I also think they will plan to expand in the future because the current track is only partial of what their initial plans were.

Just announced today on the DKC Member Page on Facebook. The updated plans for the new tracks.

The gray areas are pavement spans for optional track layouts.

I am so excited!!

Wow that’s a big expansion. Like DKC x2