Nola motorsports park. What’s your home track?

Trying to find those with tracks somewhat nearby. Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida. As I plan to take a karting trip next year to get some seat time at different tracks. My home track is NOLA motorsports park. Anyone ever make it out there? Here a photo for reference of the rental track (which is my only experience so far) usually done counter clockwise, and it’s the one one the left. The track on the right is sprint karts (which I’m hoping to get into soon!)
Hopefully the original author that used this photo on another site is here! I’d like to race with ya! image

Mais yeah sha - Come race rental league next week: some configuration on the red track.

What kind of time you got on A&D track? About where do you live?

I’m about a 10 minute drive from there.

In Texas, there are several. The Houston area has Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney, and Gulf Coast Karters in Katy. San Antonio area has Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels. There is a rental track, and they allow bring your own sprint kart, at Circuit of the Americas. The Dallas area has North Texas Karters in Denton and Dallas Karting Complex in Caddo Mills.

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Thanks for reminding me about league this November! I almost forgot! I planned to run November, December, and all of the next year with the a&d league. Starting to figure out that chicane midway through the lap. Fastest so far has been a 29.5, I’m usually in the mid 30 low 31 second range. I’ve been probably about 10 times now and I’m hooked! I’m about 45 minutes away.

Sounds like Texas has it all! There is a karting school program in Houston I’ve been looking at enrolling in.

If you are referring to the Alan Rudolph Racing Academy, that’s at Speedsportz Racing Park in New Caney. I’ve had my daughter do a day of lessons with him, and he’s really good at instruction. It doesn’t hurt that he was one of the best when he was racing either.

Yep! I’m pretty sure that’s it! They were very responsive and helpful with my emails. Seems like if I’m gunna spend some cash to get some good guidance then this would be the place!

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Stokcholm Karting Center


My wife will love to hear that. She’s been trying to get us to move back to Texas, and I keep telling her that only if there are plenty of kart track near by.

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Not including rental tracks like K1 Speed, Houston has 2, Dallas area has 2, San Antonio has 1, hopefully to be 2 soon, and then COTA. Also, we just voted to stay with no state income tax (=more $$$ for karting). Not sure what gas prices are there, but they are low $2 a gallon.

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Glad to see this post gaining some more attention. Hopefully we can get people linked up on their local tracks or at least show them new places to try!

So I went to NMSP and pretty much made sure “The New Guy” didn’t get last place . . .
and put on a wrecking display for him . . .
good times . . . .

Seriously, it is great to have new guys come out and be the type of guys that race cleanly.

True story - I did get last place, and gave a this is how you wreck it demo


Haha could swore I got last place ???
That was some close and sun racing though. It was what 3-4 of us battling it out. Life can be fun in the back/midfield if you got some fun competition!

I had a blast and will definitely be racing the rental league more regularly! It was good talking with you and getting your feed back on some things mike! As some one completely new to the sport I appreciate it greatly.


That track looks huge!

If you’re referring to SIMA, yeah, it’s pretty big. Track is 30 ft wide & ~.75 mi distance. The maps pic is a little old, though. The majority of the gravel pit area is now blacktop, the paddock is now covered, & they have rental storage “mini garages” along the paddock & N & S sides of the shop.

I think I showed as 1 lap down which doesn’t make sense.
Except I did go off & maybe around the lap timer @ the start line, which I think was once when you went by me. I was really trying to get by a guy really trying to get by.
Funny how everybody looks a like in the karts. I usually wear and orange shirt to stick out.

My daughter is in Russia & returns the day of the last race. So there is a very slim chance of me being there. Probably a negative probability.

Seriously, the 4 of us made up a nice bunch to race with. Eric is very solid and on that course it was hard to pass.

You get any footage? :popcorn:

That track looks badass! Would love to rip a shifter around that place. Have a buddy in Seattle now, so maybe I can use that as an excuse to make the journey…

No footage here, but it may not be a bad idea to pick up a go pro and mount and get some feed back from you guys as well