Official "Bert's 2023 Fantasy F1 League" Thread

Lots of races to make mistakes and forget to set a line-up or star driver, same struggles the real F1 teams go through on this marathon schedule. In my other league I was in we had a few guys forget a week or forget a star driver too.


It’s not a terrible trophy but I do prefer the cut lucite types.


@Bimodal_Rocket It’s perfect!

My dad just asked me today if the 2024 league is open yet. I still feel like 2023 just ended but there’s only a month and a half till the first race!

When do we start again? @Bert_Nash

I’m gonna thrown in a Kartpulse Sticker sheet this year for the winner.

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Just a reminder, the league is ported over from last year automatically and should be ready to go. First race is this Saturday and lineup will be locked on Friday! Good luck yall this year.

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And on that note… I have decided to eschew any chance of podium and will focus exclusively on personalities:

You might as well just concede:

Glad to not have to worry about Dom again in this year’s league…

Bottas is basically LARPing Hulk Hogan at this point and I love it.


Hey! The old guys have some juice left in them…

My next race will focus on the drivers with the finest facial hair. This means no Sharles, no Yuki, most likely, unless they change things up a bit.

You actually picked Lance? Like for reals and not because you were locked out of the other guys? :sunglasses:

(apologies to lance who I am sure is a swell guy, but F1 needs heros and villains for enjoyment purposes). This also applies to Max, who, once again, gets to be the big bad.

No it was a left over pick :grin:

Looks like im going driverless into race 1… oops

Fortunately you get a default 600 points this year if you don’t fill your line up so it doesn’t ruin your season.

3/5 made money. Old guy strat worked. NASCAR team also helped. Valterri was resting this race, gathering his strength, and will unleash awesomeness soon.

My next grouping is based on facial hair. Gasly is a sleeper in this department. I sort of had slim pickings in this grouping, due to lockouts, but I stand by their existing or potential for facial styling.

Even if it’s just a hint of beard, it can be an effective driving tool. Mainly, Lewis will have to carry the group, but I have hope that a newly disrespected Carlos will forget to shave and let his rage grow and grow, till it consumes him and Ferarri. Alonso rarely disappoints, either.

Dom willingly picking Alpine is a big move!

I don’t like Gasly’s beard-only facial hair…. Looks bizarre when he only shaves his mustache off.

Welllll… I only had a little money so I had to go for the value drives.Haas was literally the only team I could afford after overpaying for Lewis.

I am hoping at some point Gasly explores the inspector Poirot look but it would appear that Sharles is leading the vanguard for traditional French looks.

Gasly is perhaps going for the rugged leading male role in French movies. They seem to like that shadow look with clean shaven mustache. I forget the name of the actor, but the one who got famous stateside had that look.

I think my next category should be “sweatiness” but I will be locked out of Alonso who always appears to be dripping with perspiration. So much hustle hidden by his calm demeanor. I will have to come up with something else for next race.

My strategy this week: negative momentum.
If in the red, I put in the shed.

Use the force, Lance.

Week 2 was mildly successful in that I ended up 500k ahead.

Wellp my “in the red” strategy just produced more red.
I lost 400k funny monies. Lance did use the force and was a successful choice.

Btw… what are we actually trying to do here? Score points or make money? Both?

Potential for Perspiration is my next category.

They go hand-in-hand. You are trying to get points. To get points you need the best drivers. To get the best drivers you need money. So you want to be picking drivers who are building value for your team so you can have a bigger budget and then sign better drivers or better teams.

Two years into it; good time to be asking that question. :joy:

I got boned by Alonso’s penalty. I was 2nd and then fell to 4th after the penalty.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. :sunglasses:
I’m enthusiastically clueless about many things.

Power Perspirers:

Valterri will prepare for a race by biking the track, nude if local customs allows, because he sweats so hard. Alsonso doesn’t actually breathe through his lungs but rather his pores. Carlos apparently uses chili powder as chewing tobbaco. Nico hides his sweat behind a perfect hairdo but we all know the truth. Ocon actually goes to the gym, unlike the rest of these guys. Sometimes he’s there until dawn.

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