Official "Bert's 2023 Fantasy F1 League" Thread

No rush Bert but I’m itching…


Ask and you shall receive.

Did Alonso finally make a good decision? Will there be a Williams resurgence? has Fred Vasseur practiced his finger wagging? Is there any Hulk left in Hulkenberg? You make the call. Get in, get those lineups set.

2023 KartPulse F1 Fantasy League:

I tried to join, not sure if I am in

Some difficult choices here to the start the year. Large spread in prices between some of the drivers and teams.

Joined… will do some soul searching before doing my picks. :smiley:

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I can see you! 20char

I’m going to employ the rookie strategy

I’m in! Lets check this out!

All Yuki, All the time.

My 2023 motto

I thought you were going to try and do better this season? :wink:


For those joining, I had problems joining another league via the app. Joining from the web browser worked. FYI.

I did it my waaaaaaaaaay. Badly. Watch me do it again.

In, and lineup set. First time trying fantasy F1, this seems fun! Is there a prize? :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!

But in all seriousness, the winner(s) should get a symbol or something next to their username for 1 year.

Oooh I nominate it as “the Bert Cup”

Ive set up a lineup so i don’t forget but ill probably modify it after FP3 lol.

Not even sure how my name ended up on it in the first place… haha.

When I click it it just brings me to the app but doesn’t join

I had to join through the browser then I could see the league it in the app. Also there was an app update for me. But I don’t know if that fixes the problem. Try through the browser.

So with some troubleshooting, looks like different links are created via the browser and the app. Try both of the following if you’re having trouble.

How many drivers do we select? 5 or 6? I’m asking because I think I’m one short but am not sure.

I wanted Yuki but cannot have. :smiling_face_with_tear: