Old School 100cc Megatopic

Plenty of collectors over here :slight_smile: Here with me I’ve got 11 or so engines. I know guys with many more :slight_smile: In terms of elite, in 100 Super you can technically build your own liner with completely bespoke porting and your own manufactured carburettor. No modern class I can think of is that extreme.

I think really the truth is there’s more scope to enjoy this kind of racing. You can be super low-cost (there’s plenty of budget gear out there) or super elite. It’s up to you

I know how this goes. You start small and you end up with a garage full, addicting stuff

It’s a real disease. The ‘wonder whether this will be fast’ factor is huge. but sometimes is aesthetics, whatever takes your fancy.

I just dipped my toes into the subject a month ago and I’m in a 2 week long, 3-party thread on Ibea L5 vs L2 vs Baroni BF24 and it doesn’t look like it will end any time soon. It’s really bad

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I got some last generation Maxter factory L2 :slight_smile:

Looks like you are beyond saving

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@Alan_Dove do you guys need to change much when going from the f100 to HoH to notice any performance difference or is it just a case of bolt on a slide carb and you’re good to go?

Will be ready soon😁