One Man Kart Stands

After the initial excitement of getting a used kart rig , along with extra’s, it has dawned on me that I need a one man stand. Anyone have any good brands or recommendations?
I have seen several but being green I don’t trust my eyes…

Stone makes a relatively reliable one-man stand that I use pretty much everywhere.

KartLift has been a solid and trusted brand for one-man stands since the early 2000s. They have a couple different models to suit different needs.

Can also find them used from time to time.

Just snagged a used one yesterday!!!


Hey TJ, What battery size do you recommend for the KartLift? What do I search for as far are specs?

I’m not 100% sure but I think just a standard lawnmower battery. For a better answer, you can contact Ted Fasching at Stockholm Karting Center, as he is the new owner of the KartLift brand and can probably answer all your questions.

Thanks TJ. I was able to pick up a 400amp bat from Farm and Fleet. Finally found a list of recommended options on the interwebs.

Best wishes for your family in 2020!


Stone 1 man kart trolley! :+1::grinning:

I wish we could get the Dalmi electric kart stands here in Canada. I saw one at the track and it was amazing, small footprint, not big and bulky, but the price is $$$

Try Italian Motors. Canadian owned. They sell it here in the US via IM-USA, so they’re probably your best bet. The general price range for 1-man stands has dropped somewhat compared to what they used to go for when they were new in the market.

And it does depend a bit on your price range. I have the least expensive one you can get (so says my many searches) made by Italian Motors and I love it. It isn’t automatic and requires you to pick up the front of your kart and then slide the stand beneath it, and then it pivots onto the stand (there are videos on YouTube if you search for Italian Motors and one-man stands). With an LO206, there is a niggling issue that the fuel in the bowl of the carburetor will leak out the carb mouth when you stand the kart on its hind end - but I have gotten good at taking off the air filter prior to putting the kart on the stand so it doesn’t wipe out the oil in the filter. If you have more of a budget, the electric one-man stands are hands-down better…but it is nice to have an option for a budget one-man arrangement and I’ve liked mine quite a bit. They have a couple versions that have different prices based on how sturdy they are. I tend to have a lot of mechanical sympathy, so I suspect I can make my inexpensive stand last for a good many years.

A local guy makes some great quality electric stands here in DFW.



The modification I made to my kart stand…

That makes total sense.

I put mine on the stand like that by trying to wedge the bar on the stand behind the seat. Making a pivot point.

Bonus points for the legacy bodywork.

This is the video that convinced me I didn’t need an electric lift right away. So I welded on hooks and it works great.

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Is that a Helio Castroneves old-school Indycar nose and rear wing in the background of the video?

That’s what the seniors/juniors are for: to help masters lift their kart. :grinning:

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I use the exact same method with my stand. Although not a pretty, it looks similar to this.

The vertical support post have quick release pins that allow it to fold up and the two uprights on the ends of the horizontal catch the frame in the same place as his hooks. Works like a charm.

I have had a few strange looks when I roll up to the pregrid and tip the whole thing back and just pull the stand out. They are like, I didn’t know you could do that! :astonished:

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That mod produces a rear weight bias on the stand. My shifters would fall back.