OTK TonyKart M7 Nassau Discussion


(Peter Zambos) #41

Unless you’re running 4cy, and have the option of the larger U.S. style nose, most orgs want you to run the homologated plastics. There are some exceptions.

(Peter Zambos) #42

Well now I want one, though I also still like TJ’s idea.

(James McMahon) #43

Yes, in the CIK\FIA rulebook there are dimensions that they have to adhere to.

(Bennett Taylor) #44

This threads been dead for a while… but I just got one of these hot dog bun Nassau panels. We will be running an Energy this weekend at new castle so it will be a bit before I get some data with the panel on the OTK. Will report findings…
Two weeks ago, when they became available, KRA 206 CIK class agreed to ban them at the drivers meeting. Probably a good thing in that class because it would just be a 200 dollar tax if they really work… you would have to have one. Aero / draft is everything in those. We will be running it in Yamaha Jr., not quite as draft dependent as the 206 but should help… if it does what the aero gods say it does. More to come.

(James McMahon) #45

Damn no messing around huh? Thanks for sharing that info.

(Charles Skowron) #46

It’s a good indication as to why their 206 class is so successful.

(Bryan Hall) #47

For our local regs (kart.org) - you have to be able to see your feet looking straight down. Also it can be no wider than 14 inches.

So - clear plastic over the feet?

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to stop air from running into the souls of my shoes (long feet) as that is another high drag area. I think the two can be combined…

(TJ Koyen) #48

Following up on the M7 panel…

Tested it back-to-back against the M6 at New Castle a couple weeks ago at USPKS.

Identical MPH down the straight, no difference in kart feel. Data traces looked identical. A brilliant marketing ploy by OTK in my opinion.

(Nik Goodfellow) #49

Have they just stopped selling the old model?

I’ve heard of OTK putting pressure on distributors (based on my experience with Torq Racewear) to sell only their approved products so was wondering if this is part of it too.

(TJ Koyen) #50

Not sure, but I’m guessing it’ll be an option on new karts like MXC/MXL wheels.

(Peter Mitchell) #52

Similar test done in Oz no difference. It’s called the Jones theory and karting thrives on it.

(Peter Mitchell) #53

Now as this thread kind of hits on aero can someone explain the phenomenon that at a low speed corner entry the front end creates understeer when following. When my son told me this I didn’t believe it until weeks later the discussion came up within a top racing team and some agreed it does happen. At relatively low speed I didn’t think this would be possible.

(James McMahon) #54

It’s probably better explained by overdriving?
I’d be interested to see the data. Drag is very real in karts. Downforce, on a kart track, not so much.

(TJ Koyen) #55

I’ve never really felt this issue on low-speed, but there are a few particularly fast corners where I have noticed a little aero understeer when following.

I think I might agree with James in that it is probably more down to overdriving or not being able to see your reference points as well and slightly missing your marks.

(Trevor Lam) #56

Hi Guys,

I’m new to this forum, so nice to meet you all.

I recently bought a new Tony Kart and have both the M6 and M7 Nassau panels. I’m just getting some team sticker kits made up and wondering if I need to get the M6 Nassau panel stickers.

For those that have used the M7 Nassau panel in the rain, does the central channel end up directing/spraying water into the face of your helmet?


(Dom Callan) #57

It is a crappy faring when it comes to attaching a gopro.

(TJ Koyen) #58

This is a good question. Haven’t tried it in the rain yet so I’m not sure, but also curious.

(Nik Goodfellow) #59

I say this with some hesitation, but the “point” of this nassau panel design is to direct the air flow over your head (or at least over the driver they designed it for), soooo you would think most of that rain would follow that air flow.

(TJ Koyen) #60

You’d think, but I’ve heard people say they feel the wind in their face more with the M7. :man_shrugging:

(Daniel Agee) #61

It was designed for the European market. Us Americans are too tall. Haha.