OTK TonyKart M7 Nassau Discussion


(William Barkley) #62

I love it! Good or bad it’s kart manufacturers working to inovate. A lot of good can come from stuff like this. I’m on the band wagon of it won’t make enough difference on a Sprint track, but I’m ok with being wrong.

(James McMahon) #63

My question is… Are we saying this innovation in design\engineering, or marketing.

(Dan Schlosser) #64

It helps slightly with aero if your eyes are just slightly higher than the wheel for the most part as the typical euro top tier drivers tend to be. If you are more than maybe 5’6” then your shoulders most likely eliminate any gains made by directing air flow over your head.

Essentially it was a product improvement design for the factory team but a product sales design for the vast majority of the world.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #65

That seems like a ‘silly innovation’ then :wink: