Paddle shift?

(Spencer Uzri) #1

Anyone ever sample this?: Shiftmn

It looks sound, but I’m not able to find any reviews. Looks to be out of Australia. I sent an email to the maker (Michael Nicholas) with some questions but have received no reply thus far.

(Lee Swindell) #2


I know mike so I’ll give him a shake for you.

In my experience, once you’ve used a paddle shifter you’ll never go back to driving with one hand on the wheel and one on a shift lever. I love these things.

If mike doesn’t have what you want, I have one I can sell you with an ignition interrupt module. The two of them together yeild seamless shifts at full noise.

It’s a beautiful way to drive.

(Spencer Uzri) #3

Thanks! Is he still making them, or what?

(Lee Swindell) #4

Don’t know. He’s away on holiday is all I know.

(Spencer Uzri) #5

That explains the no reply. Hope to hear from him when gets back. I’d actually like to buy a couple of them.

ETA, With the way the PP cable is set up on the Shiftmn, I’ve noted that the J arm on my KZ would need to be flipped to accommodate a L dwn/R up shift pattern. Problem is, it would rub against the drive chain (at least, on my KZ engine). How did you implement your set up?

(Chris Hinrichs) #6

Haven’t used that exact setup but I have ran an air shifter via paddles on a Honda 125. No way I would go back to the standard shifter if I was able to get back into a shifter. Was amazing to be able to have full grip with a pinky on the shitfer.

(Spencer Uzri) #7

I’ve seen the axle driven air pump setup. It’s ingenious, but I was told by a previous owner that it would develop issues over time, relative to the air lines, though he felt that braided lines might’ve mitigated that.

This Shiftmn design is a straightforward manual operation, so it’s GTG at the club level, sans the ignition cutoff (which is optional). If he responds back, I need to ask Mike Nicholas if the ignition cutoff can be manually disabled/turned off if desired.

(Chris Hinrichs) #8

We replaced the airlines over the winter. The simplicity of that system is nice though.

(Mike Kettmann ) #9

Spencer bought shiftmn paddle shifter a few years ago. It was very well constructed easy to install .We ended up not using it because cable ran into drivers left leg . I tried everything I could think of to try to remedy this. Nothing worked I called Greg Bell at Leading Edge he had put one on a 2014 Intrepid shifter kart for Ryan Kinnear for SKUSA Pro Tour in Texas S2 class . You can find a picture on Pinterest . Greg said it was very difficult to get it to all work together and has not put one on any other karts. I think this is better suited for a 250 Superkart as there not the Nassau panel brackets clutch and cable to bind everything up . Hopes this helps Mike K

(Spencer Uzri) #10

Is this it?:

Was it interfering with everything, or binding & not working correctly? Was Greg able to get it to work successfully, or did it not hold up?

Thanks for the insight.

(Mike Kettmann ) #11

That’s the picture. They did get it to work. Very tight to get everything to clear and work. You cannot use angled steering hub,paddle mechanism hits steering column. Cable will still interfere with your left leg.You will also have to turn j arm up side down. ikart sells a very trick paddle shifter steering wheel package but it is pricey. I’ll sell you the one I have at a reduced price.

(Spencer Uzri) #12

The iKart wheel is slick, but it uses pull cables, which inevitably stretch. The push-pull cable setups have been used in laydowns for years.

(John Leah) #13

A simpler and cheaper method is to make up a double ended T shaped gear change lever to replace the existing one, using the existing linkage.

Tubular ‘handles’ on each end of the T crossbar are positioned just behind the steering wheel at around ’ ten to two’ position and are curved and long enough to allow for steering wheel movement.

I found this a great improvement on the normal lever

(Spencer Uzri) #14

Lee, Mike hasn’t replied to my original email. Guessing he’s either on an extended getaway, or else he’s closed shop, so if you’re serious about selling yours, let me know.


(Spencer Uzri) #15

Lee, you still around?

(Lee Swindell) #16

Hi mate.
Yep still lurking.
Wats shakin’?

(Lee Swindell) #17

I sent you a bunch of photos a few days back which I’m not seeing in this thread.
I guess they didn’t reach you?

(James McMahon) #18

This makes me sad. Let me know if it looks like something went missing. It shouldn’t have… but then again those wheels should have never come off my kart either.

(Spencer Uzri) #19

Nothing showing on this side. If there’s an IM or mail function on this site, I’m not seeing where it’s located in the UI. I don’t even know where the thread discussion quote function is, for that matter, herp, derp.

(James McMahon) #20

You can IM someone by clicking their name in a topic, then click message from the popup menu.


To quote, just select the text you’d like to quote and you’ll get a small popup to do so.

Lastly, your message inbox is under your avatar on the top right. It’s a bit hidden I have to admit.


Hope this helps