Paddle shift?

(Spencer Uzri) #21

Wow, James, thanks for all that. I need to get an avatar, though.

(Lee Swindell) #22

James - More likely a function of ass-crappy Internet at my end. Contrary to your kart, I’m not aware of the wheels ever having fallen off your platform.

Spencer - you’ll find no better avatar than the photo of that golden butterfly shifter I sent you. Brutally functional but evocatively beautiful, It carries me away to special places when I see it.

(Spencer Uzri) #23

Alright, does anyone know if the shift shaft spline tooth pattern on TM KZ engines is the same as on the CR125 moto?

EDIT: NVM, the spline pattern is different. I’ll have to bolt or weld some bar stock to the factory arm that goes in the opposite, up direction.

I ask because an inverted J arm from the CR, & if it will mount on the TM shift shaft, will enable it to work the Shiftmn.

Lee, Michael emailed & said he’s still churning them out.