Paddle shift?

Wow, James, thanks for all that. I need to get an avatar, though.

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James - More likely a function of ass-crappy Internet at my end. Contrary to your kart, I’m not aware of the wheels ever having fallen off your platform.

Spencer - you’ll find no better avatar than the photo of that golden butterfly shifter I sent you. Brutally functional but evocatively beautiful, It carries me away to special places when I see it.

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Alright, does anyone know if the shift shaft spline tooth pattern on TM KZ engines is the same as on the CR125 moto?

EDIT: NVM, the spline pattern is different. I’ll have to bolt or weld some bar stock to the factory arm that goes in the opposite, up direction.

I ask because an inverted J arm from the CR, & if it will mount on the TM shift shaft, will enable it to work the Shiftmn.

Lee, Michael emailed & said he’s still churning them out.

Spencer did you ever get paddle shifter Shiftmn to work? If you did could you post some pictures?

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@mstendor has a Mechatron hooked up with his CR250

On the topic of direct messages, making this more intuitive is on the list of upcoming improvements.

Project is on hold while I resolve some wiring gremlins in the enclosed trailer that I’m making some interior upgrades to.

I can say that the heim joint is too small for the stock j-arm, & will need a retrofit upgrade, which will require a female hex thread adapter to mount to the PP cable end. But that’s an easy fix.

The biggest challenge will be reorienting the paddle actuation to work with the KZ shift pattern direction, because the ShiftMN is apparently designed for MC engines, where the shift shaft rotates clockwise to shift up (KZ engines are opposite). There are 2 options: either 1) fab a mount to orient the cable above the shift shaft & then rotate the j-arm 180-degrees, or 2) modify the billet paddle so that the cable mounts on its other side & pushes/pulls in the correct direction to enable keeping the j-arm in its stock orientation. Otherwise, in the kit’s as-is condition, the L side paddle upshifts & R side down shifts on a KZ engine.

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Hi Spencer, my name is Mike and I have a mechatron hooked up to my CRG road rebel with a honda cr250 engine. I am not sure i know of the Shiftmn control for shifter karts. Yes the mechatron is a little pricey but hooked up and working it makes my shifter a whole different kart. It is a blast to drive. If I can help or advise you about my experience please give me a shout. I do have video of me driving at NYRC at Marco’s place. That track is fun. My UTube channel is Mike Stendor and the title of that video is Full Throttle at Macro’s Place NYRC. All the best Mike Stendor

I have a TaG shifter, & was considering the Mechatron, but it won’t work with the existing battery that mine uses (apparently, there’s not enough capacity, even despite that the engine stator recharges it). That would mean mounting 2 batteries + the unit itself, which would be a bit much.

If I could use 1 battery to serve both the Mechatron & the TaG starter, I’d go for it, no question.

Spencer, a guy local to me uses a mechatron system with his k9b and while not a tag shifter he runs the system off of a lipo battery from an rc car which he mounted to the seat strut. I know its not the sleekest way to add a battery but it is light and was pretty simple to mount if your fine with people looking at it a bit funny.

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Surely there’s something suitable… like a good Li-Po with a solid discharge rate.

I took the lipo off my shifter when I saw video of the way they burn. I don’t want one of those things anywhere near my house let alone near the fuel between my legs.

Well, in this application, it would reside in front of the radiator. That said, the charge cycle coming off the engine stator is only compatible with lead-acid type batteries.

Hi Spencer, you really don’t have to have a special battery. The mechatron shifter needs a 12 volt battery. I have a mechatron on my road rebel with a honda CR250 engine. I upgraded the electrical system on my engine to a 12 volt charging system and I recharge my battery as I run the kart. I would suggest you get a 12 volt battery to do both the starter and the mechatron at the same time. A sealed led acid would do it, my battery is a recharegable nickel metal hydroxide. I would recommend a power switch to disconnect the battery when the kart is shut off. All the best Mike Stendor

Yeah I can understand that. Use laptop batteries make great BBQ starters :joy:

@WheelSpin I was thinking that you wouldn’t have it charge while running. Although some to think of it, I’m not 100% sure how that could be done.

Just use a diode between the battery and the output of the voltage regulator so it does not back feed the rectifier and voltage regulator. Most charging units have that already built into the electronics.

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I’ve sent an inquiry to Mechatron about this. No response yet.

Hi Spencer, keep me posted, let me know what you find out. Thanks Mike

Received a reply asking about the battery used (It’s a 12V, 7Ah unit), & so I sent the data long to them, but no reply back yet. Probably hear back after the new yr.

I also queried Michael Valiente at Italian Motors, & he stated the battery does have sufficient voltage capacity to handle it, so, I’m inclined to think it’ll work. But I’ll wait to hear back from the guys at Mechatron.

Mechatron advises that the ME-1 will cause voltage fluctuations as it draws power every shift, so they recommend a dedicated battery.

Oh well. It was a nice idea.