PFI closing complex - KartKraft

(Dom Callan) #41

You are welcome. I recommend trying. If not, screens are just as “fast” if not “faster”. But imo vr is “better”.

(Dom Callan) #42

The only issue with VR is that i do a lot of it such that when I get into my actual car, it feels “floaty” and simlike. I quickly readjust but there is that.

(Matthijs Hofman) #43

Then don’t use VR in your car then :wink:

(Dom Callan) #44

Ha! I deserved that!

(Dom Callan) #45

I meant mechanically! I cannot speak to the effects of beer but I imagine that a one beer buzz would likely make your brain more receptive.

(Dom Callan) #46

Edit: Edited the top part now that I have some more laps under my belt.

(Dom Callan) #47

I know you can’t experience what VR feels like from a video but here’s an eventful VR race I lost. There’s a bunch of passing, bumping and crashing. Now imagine instead of this being a video that you were seeing this through my eyes; that kart next to me as I dive alongside him through the final turn and we run sidepod to sidepod all the way to bridge, where he chickens out… Gripping stuff in VR. You gotta try it!

(Matthijs Hofman) #48

Yeah I saw that! I’m following you on Youtube now. Shall I just come over and test it with you? I live only about 6,000 miles away :wink:

No seriously, I don’t have any hardware at the moment. It’ll be quite an investment to get all the proper stuff, not just the VR. I’m not sure if it’s worth it, I’m not sure if I’ll be hooked.

(Dom Callan) #49

Just re-watched that footage. Its amazing how the feel of the game feels very similar to your pace and rythym. Very cool thanks! Also, nice driving, very together.

(Dom Callan) #50

Sure. Mi casa es su casa!