Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

I can only guess what your face was like under the helmet. You had a great run going until getting taken out.

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tbf i wasn’t even that mad after I knew i didn’t get the worse of the crash and I knew i had good pace

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From Saturday. Hopefully can get some from the sun shining on Sunday at our first padholder super cup race


Can’t wait to get the full size of this one.

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Which track was this at?

My second race in karting🤘


Coming to the green… That’s me starting at the tail of the field. I ended up finishing P13. Super fun day!


That’s a tall bank! :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


That bank is fun. Most of the time we hug the bottom, but if you have the speed you run high into it and then turn down the bank and get a run coming off to get underneath someone.

Tri city kart club. Another one for good measure


Damn that is bright! Love it. Who did the kart graphics?

Piston Bones. It’s a Pearl top as well but hard to photograph

I’ve always wanted to go out there, but its on the oither her side of the state.

Where are you at. It’s worth it. I’m south of Tacoma. So it’s a haul.

Arlington. SIMA is my go-to. Would love to hit PGP, but the county locks out 2 strokes. Hoping for that to change.

Yeah it was actually the way the wrote the original permit. And even then I don’t think we will ever see a 2 stroke on track again. Rentals make more money. And 206 is to easy to run in the winter and single class keeps the day short

They did have 2’s for the initial 2-3 years from opening, & it was really active, with big grids. I just want to drive my KZ rigs there.

Nice livery! Cool helmet!
Racing in the rain looks like a whole lotta no fun!

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@Alan_Dove you will appreciate this one

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