Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

(James McMahon) #1

Inspired by this reply by @Aaron_Hachmeister_13, we’d like to make a collage of what #KartpulseNation racers look like.Go ahead and invite your friends too.

I’ll go first.

Blackhawk farms in 2012, I think.

Getting to grips with hand position
(Andre Molina) #2

At my last autocross in Schaumburg IL. May 2014, Margay Brava 1.2 with a Horstman HPV/KPV built to 116cc.

2016 White Knuckle Scramble in Norway IL, in my Swiss Hutless Attack.

Don’t have anything else in this PC…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #3

(Aaron Hachmeister) #4

I already posted this photo but I like it since it’s from my first (and currently only) Route 66 SS race

And this one’s from our first kart back when I first started racing two years ago

(Barry Nickerson) #5

1997 Canadian Nationals straightening out the esses.

(Barry Nickerson) #6

15 years later at 2012 Canadian Nationals.

(James McMahon) #7

I think I’ve seen the keen one before. Great pic.

(Nicholas Bruno) #8

My current favorite

(Don Westlie) #9

Picture of my Son and me in the same kart. He offered the luxury of putting in a big seat and teaming up for an endurance race to end the season. He looks much more comfortable than me. Not easy to wedge 6’ 215 into the same space as 5’8" 140 LOL. But I sure did smile alot! Real drivers make it look easy…

(Michael Jones) #10

Hey Guys first post so why not put up a kart Photo.2014 Exprit with Iame KA100

(Steve Pribyl) #11

A work in progress, 1991 Margay SE Road Kart

(TJ Koyen) #12

From this year’s SuperNats.

(Noah Stark) #13

A few of my favorite shots…

(Steve Pribyl) #14

Not much hang time but he got some air. He said it was a bit painful to do. I asked my he kept doing it. He said it was the fast line.

(David Israel) #15

This was my son racing at the Canadian Nationals

(Kyle Keenan) #16

Was on my way to a car race in California and made a stop by a local kart track to see a few of my friends race. Turns out a racer had broken his wrist and his kart wasn’t being ran, so I put on my car gear and hopped on board. My first time racing LO206 and had so much fun! It’s been down hill since this photo lol.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #17

We’ve got plenty of pictures now, so I made a nice little collage with all the various images we have. I kept it to 1 per person as 16 people makes a nice 4x4 layout, hope you guys like it!

(Michael Zahorski) #18

My daughter.

(James McMahon) #19

This was awesome of you by the way. :brap:

(James McMahon) #20

@Zebug that’s crazy. What track was that at?