Post a cool Pic of you in your Kart

The one I posted is not a usual haunt of mine but I wish it was. A local will get it immediately even though there’s no actual track shown.

Trackhouse, on the grid by the tower.


Bingo! :sunglasses:20 Korasasport students in a row, drafting

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From last weekend at Arizona Motorsports Park. Photo by Phil Veitch.


Going old school here:) Me 97 racing 210 National British Long Circuit championships, Brands Hatch Kent leading at Druids hairpin. Probably 1983/4 season before I switched to 250’s.


Oh yeah that’s NOLA right? I knew it looked somewhat familiar.

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Bingo! Loved that track

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Ooh that gives me an idea…pixels…

OKC? (20 char of guessing)

Maybe Atlanta if it’s not okc?

Negative on OKC and Atlanta…

Its not necessarily a track I have been to but maybe a rebel scum has?

So much leaning going on there. Horsepowers.

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A lot of grip from those Bridgestones back then:)

Love the vintage Simpson Flying Pig helmets! :grin:


Wish I still had it and all my other old race helmets!

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@E13 if anyone can guess this track…, it would be you.

@CourterZT for your amusement… a crop of Sploosh


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Rebooting this photo that was posted earlier…

Reason being you don’t see much use of lighting in kart photos generally. This reminds of my skate photo days.

Electronic flash is used for 2 reasons: freezing action and fill/directional lighting, particularly in backlit situations.

Imagine taking a picture of someone at the beach with sun setting behind them… the exposure will be confused by the strong lighting behind the subject… and the exposure will favor the setting sun, leaving the subject very underexposed.

With flash you can balance the lighting on the subject to the setting sun. This is what appears to be going on here. (Generically you could refer to this as fill-flash)

Looks to me like a Flash is off camera, either triggers by a slave or radio unit.

Intersting aside: we bought studio lights and the photo editor did a ramp shoot and his shots were blurry. The studio lights were very powerful but the length of their flash was therefore long and despite the flash, it was blurry.

I then went back and did it again since the editor was away and reshot it using 1/16 power and closer light sources and we got the freeze action (which was a Brazilian pro doing a huge switch frontside no-hand air, over head high on Jake’s widowmaker ramp. ( I got the cover! :sunglasses:)

Moral of story, powerful flash units produce an intense enough burst of light that it takes long enough to achieve peak intensity that it will not stop action.

Fill example by Bryce Kanights (one of the guys who was photo editor during my time there):

Dunno where

Nude Bowl (I think)

Gnar-gnar Keyhole (there’s an opening below skater)



Looks like the folks at Karting_daily_moment found your build… (they always find the good stuff).


My son, Lucas, running Tag Jr