Post pics Of your Trailerless Transport Setup Here

(Dennis Langton) #22

Yeah that’s what normal people use it for lol

(Daniel Agee) #23

Haha yes it is. A 1994, perfect for club racing. I will let you know, but I think I may have to hang onto this one for a long time.

(James McMahon) #24

CIK\WSK World champion Paulo de Conto even thinks it worth shoving the kart in the daily to do for a spin.

Featured 11/12/19

(Dom Callan) #25

Italian cars are very narrow!

(Bryan Williams ) #26

No trailer, or car

(Ted Hamilton) #27

“Honey, I’ll be right back, I’m going for some OJ.”

(Dom Callan) #28

He will regret not having sidepods…

(Liam Sergeant) #29

This is me picking up a mates rolling chassis. I’ve also transported my brother in law’s Maranello up there with my small trailer on the back with my kart.

Definitely a two man lift to get it up there when there is an engine attached!