Post pics Of your Trailerless Transport Setup Here

(James McMahon) #1

Post a pic of your trailerless kart transport setup below for a chance to be featured on KartPulse social media.

This seems to be one of our most popular things, and given how many people never get started in karting because they think they need a trailer, it’s a great way to show how they can get started.

Throw in a little story we can share for an added bonus.

I’ll go first…

Here’s my TonyKart Mitox/YZ125 shoved in the back of a Volvo '98 V70 T5 wagon.
Finished second in the Great Lakes Pro Series road race at Autobahn, IL that weekend.
I added some tether straps to hold the kart back incase something “not good” happened on the road.

(Micah Floretta) #2

Admin note: Posted 1/15/19

(Wade Franklin) #3

When you have 2 friends that want to join you!
3 DD2’s, Arrow and a couple of old Sodi RM1’s

(Chris Bany) #4

(Ted Hamilton) #5

This is me, on my way back to NC from Pittsburgh (7 hr. trip) after visiting family in upstate NY. This is the first kart I ever drove, and it was just given to me in this picture, by good friend Robin Bank. Robin was a Swiss Hutless / Birel dealer in Pittsburgh and raced THE ULTIMATE KARTS - Formula K – in the early 90’s. He went head to head with Haddock, Lunati, Seay, et. al. and a 135cc DD kart must have been a beast! Anyhow, this was a practice kart he acquired, and when I first drove it at defunct Columbiana OH track, it had a 100cc DD Formula A engine - a Parilla TT36 with IBEA slide carby. It was VIOLENT in every direction – it pushed you back in the seat when you hit the gas, broke your ribs when you tried to turn, and tried to throw you out while braking on sticky tires. In short, the most fun I’ve ever had! I rehabbed this kart into a runner, and it was recently sold to a gentlemen 7 mi. from NCMP in Indiana… Have bike carrier, will travel… Got some weird looks on the highway.

(Andrew Root) #6

My sons Top Kart Comer C50 kid kart and my TAG Sr x30 CRG Black Star kart. On our way home from NOLA Motorsports Park. The flat bed on the 2000 F550 comes in handy!

(Dom Callan) #7

Honey, you’ll never guess what I ran over in the highway today…/:grinning:

(Trevor Pace) #8

I don’t do this every time…But, yep this is an Intrepid kart and kart stand in the back of an A4. Takes about 30 minutes to disassemble.



(Marco Carrion) #9

My friend and I traveled to a competiton and we had only one car and wanted to make the trip together. Was an excellent race!!! Regads KartPulse…

Admin note: Posted 1/22

(Shannon Lee) #10

I finally bought a trailer but for two years I went racing like this. There is a kart and an electric stand buried in there and everything else needed. :grin:

(Mike Bowles) #11

This is my LO206 and my sons first race that he competed in and got his first win, this was the day that I was so proud of him.