Post your 2021 ride!

Hey gents,

Living in CO and it being in single digits this weekend, I was able to work on my 2021 CKR. Figured I’d start a thread so we can show off this years karts.



Just picked it up yesterday before the roads got slick here in Texas. 2021 BirelART RY30-S12.


Here is an advance pic of my new friend, Maggie the Margay. She’s waiting for me and I am waiting for her (invoice).

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Back in the seat after taking a break in 2017. Picked up a 1 race 17 Praga Dragon. Currently has a Honda on it but I have a Rok shifter on the way.

And because I’m short, a shot of the IPK footbox extensions and the 2020 pedals.


Merlin LM30. My first kart and looking forward to the fun. Though sticking to track/practice days with it.


I dub thee Knight Rider.:sunglasses:

You actually got Merlin to call or write you back to sell you a kart?

I love Praga’s. It was my first kart so I will always have an affinity for them. This will be my first year in a non-Praga.

i went from Intrepid to Praga. I have a decent pile of old parts that will fit this 17. Italkart is now IPK built so I have a more local parts source if I need any as well.

Bought it 2nd hand. But the local shop sells Merlin karts so I figure getting parts wont be to bad.

My son’s kart, technically he got it last season, but only did a few races on it with the shortened season last year. He wants to remove the intrepid stickers and put something different on it, probably red/white/black to match his suit and helmet.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Intrepid (and now Italkart too) now being made at its own facility separate from IPK?

Picked up a month ago haven’t done anything except mount the seat which is the hardest part for me.

2021 Redspeed

Intrepid yes. The 2021 Italkart is definitely IPK.

Ill be autocrossing the Miata and lapping/racing rental karts this year. Nowhere to store a kart has limited my options but I’m working hard to fix that!

Thats a nice color for a miata.

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Thanks for clarifying, and that does appear to be the case. I was going off of the homologation form:

Wonder how the 2021 material they’re getting from IPK compares to the previous Italkart models.

2021 italkart Quattro. 2021 livery coming soon as this is still the 2020 look

Wife, 2020 Intrepid Freedom

My 2011 TrackMagic Prototype, just starting teardown and build.

Will post updates in coming weeks of both as they get ready for the season.

Also working on this project for KA 100cc racing

2003 Biesse Mod Viper, Customized extensively

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My son and I will be racing TB karts Lo206, looking forward to it.

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