Powder coating rims?

Has anyone had a set of Magnesium rims powder coated? Im planning to get a few items powder coated, and i will be picking up a set of OTK mags that have some paint flaking, and thought about having them done at the same time.

Any thoughts or concerns about that?

I don’t know the answer but I’m interested to hear the responses. I have a spare set of mag rims that are ratty looking so I would like to powdercoat them if it’s possible.

@Paul_Montopoli may know more but I imagine powder coating would change the heat exchange properties.

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What are they typically coated with from the factory? Not sure if the other ones ive had were paint or powder.

I know people have powder coated rims before, does it change the heat transfer, probably. I’ve wanted to try to get a set cerakote’d because it’s a more durable coating and is very thin so shouldn’t affect heat transfer as much. Might be prohibitively expensive however.

It is a good question that I sort of know the answer. Paint / powder coating is an insulator so the tire will run hotter. How much I don’t really know. If the wheels were painted to start with, then you are probably ok. Most OTK wheels have a chromate finish not paint to prevent corrosion and are painted with clear coat on the inside (where the tire mounts) to prevent air leakage. Magnesium is apparently very porous and can leak air. Don’t ask me how. It is what I have been told.

Now for the shameless plug - AMV wheels are made with a karting specific low pressure casting process which eliminates the porosity issue. OXiTECH is used to prevent corrosion. Find out more here

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I have a oder douglas high grip rims powder coated cameleon color

like this i did it bc my dads byddy owns a powdercoating buisness so it was free, I was standing out on track until i crashed and i broke a rim : (

Did you notice any difference with mounting/seating tires?

No… I tryed to avoid using tyre scissors tho beacuse they chip of the paint so i did it by hand so i dont destroy it :wink:

Just wondering if there is an update on this topic. I was considering having a set refinished, I have powder coat guy and he was more concerned about removing the original finish. Apparently, they use a chemical to strip old finishes and he felt that would not be good with the magnesium. He also thought he should use low temp powder coat. Any other thoughts?

I used an aircraft paint stripper that a painter friend of mine gave me, then the powder coater gave them a hit with fine sandblasting sand. So far no issues.

Jim that looks awesome. Who did your powder coating?

A local guy that does it after hours in his garage. Lots of guys i know have had their frames done in the off season etc. I have another briggs engine for my son’s kart for next season and since he has a kosmic with purple/blue/pink livery, so he wants his second engine cover done in metallic pink, so we’ll have metallic pink and purple engines to choose from.

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Surely that throttle cable is costing 1/4hp above 50mph :laughing:

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But he clearly gets +5hp from the color. Handle alone is good for 1hp.


Those rims look awesome. Did you run them this past season? How did they hold up?

100% fair, engine and wheels look amazing and worth 2/10s

I love the pull cord upgrade! I’ve never seen that.

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