Pre-Race/Track Pump Up Jams

What are your favorite tunes to jam to when heading to the track for race day or even just a practice day? Do you have favorites you always return to, or do you mix it up?

I’ve got two albums in rotation right now - August Burns Red - Messengers on the way there, and Impending Doom - The Sin and Doom Vol. II on the way back. Basically, heavy, hard-hitting, head-banging bliss. Gets me stoked and also keeps me from getting too much in my own head.



Great taste in music. I don’t listen to music much pre-race, but Echos by August Burns Red builds really nicely and kinda drives on.

Avalanche or Engine 45 by The Ghost Inside would be a similar vibe.

And if you are starting in the back and will need to really get your elbows out, 2nd Sucks by A Day to Remember is a REALLY good hype song.

I also really like angry hip-hop for the same reasons.

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Yesss, Engine 45 is one of my go-to songs from The Ghost Inside.

I feel you on not listening to much pre-race. I found myself doing that when prepping for other things, like commutes before a big meeting at work, pre-game before a basketball or soccer game, or anything else where I was trying to get focused. Recently, I’ve been making myself listen to music, to take the edge off. I tell myself that if I can’t listen to music while prepping, I’m robbing myself of the fun of it, and it’s supposed to be fun.


I like to have a Bluetooth speaker playing some of that stuff in my pit area but I prefer to focus in on the race when I push out of my pit, so silence on the way to the grid and while I wait to go out.

But good jams and a nice cold beer are the ultimate when it comes to end-of-day kart cleaning and prep for the next day.

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I’m a big metalhead, so I’ll indulge when working in the garage, and of course driving to/from the track. The team I race with has learned the hard way that they need to keep me off of DJ duty in the tent :laughing:

For anyone looking to get pumped up for a scale house brawl, here is a variety of tracks I’ve been into lately (some new, some old):

Cannibal Corpse- Scourge of Iron
At the Gates- Unto Others
Conan- Vexxagon
Trivium- What the Dead Men Say
Eyehategod- Take as Needed for Pain
Serpentine Dominion- This Endless War
Lamb of God- Omens (album)
Mastodon- High Road
System of a Down- Toxicity (song and album)
Megadeth- Rust in Peace…Polaris
Obituary- Burned In


Solid list :raised_hands:t4:. Trivium! Haven’t listened to them in a long time.

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I actually like to chill with my thoughts up to the grid in the grid. I actually dont even like to talk to people in grid. However, my music diversity is quite wide. Walk to my pit you never know what you might hear. Could be metal, country, rap, you just never know.

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When I want to tune out my brain in sim hotlapping. The man does so much with just a few notes.

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I was cracking up at first, because I thought this was a joke (it may be), but George Winston is one of my all time faves. Autumn, Forest, December. All classics. Not my first choice in prepping for the track, but if you’re looking to mellow out, this is it.

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Not a joke! If you ever watch my stream late at night, there’s a pretty good chance I’m apexing to minimalist piano.

Music and hotlapping is something that IRL racers dont get to experience. It really, really changes things, how the music makes you drive. Mellow is good. Amped up stuff has its place too, but mostly I try to summon “kalm” laps. (Usually i still overdrive like a gorilla on a tricycle).

This could mean many things :joy:

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I could start the first OnlyFans AMSR karting site. Mellow music and calm discussion. Apparently people watch folks talking softly and making gentle noises.

No sex, but I’d be happy to try to integrate it into karting, somehow. If it gets me eyeballs.

In the other end of the spectrum, here’s songs to try to send it with:

Thank you 1980s punk rock

Great choices! That first song brings it!

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Different taste than with you all…

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Great playlist! I have pretty eclectic music tastes, having played in a hardcore/metal band, but loving everything from classical to hip hop to country, etc.

I love EDM/house/tropical house/whatever it’s called. For me, it’s a good mix of stuff that pumps you up, but isn’t too wild and distracting, like some of the other genres represented here could be.

The other form of music that works well for karting is House, EDM, that kind of stuff.


I have 2 Pandora channels I set up that I listen to on race day. Depending on the track, I have 45 minutes to 1:45 of drive time to the track, so I get most of my pre- race jamming done on that drive.

My one channel is heavy on some 80’s hair metal, 70’s hard rock - Deep Purple,
Black Sabbath, Dokken, Ratt, Accept, early Motley Crue, UFO, stuff in that realm.

My other channel is a little newer with some Dinosaur Jr., Afghan Whigs, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, all mostly upbeat stuff I can sing along with.