Pre-Race/Track Pump Up Jams

King of cool and one of favorites .

His movie the Papillion was forbidden as vhs tape to see it in house till we reach 16 years old . But tje waiting was worth it . He also loved genuine the racing life and it was so young when he left …

I have read that part of the cause for his death was the exposion in a material that used back then to the outside exhaust pipes as a protection but thats another myth for the man . Very humble also .

On any sunday movie is one of mynfavorites also

Enola Gay

Pretty in Pink

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Yup that’s the fence jump frame from great escape

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Its funny how you hit home with this …

Last Wednesday .

they call me from the police station and said that a pair of sheep men that they feed their sheeps on the fields near that roads , had complained about a white Toyota that passes by with full speed and makes their animals afraid off .

I had answered to the police officer

" tell the cowboys that its not my fault !!, they tresspass the racing line !! "

And we both laughed at the telephone .

A true story man .

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lol. The cop should tell them to get faster sheep.

Also, let’s define full speed…

Did the sheep report to the police they could hear you banging off the limiter?

Perhaps Team Karystos has found its mascot:…

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Its a greek band , a great one song .

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A running wild sheep ???

There’s an idea! I’m not sure how to make a fitting mascot out of a sheep. :sunglasses:

We have sheeps and goats i will photo them

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Ai Truck Cowboy Edits

Speaking of AI…
The pics above are simple ones where the app asks you to type in what you want and define the area. I asked it to add a white truck racing past the sheep.

Here is something I came across that’s a bit more interesting and advanced!

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Ohhhh… they was right at the movie then …

 It can be done ......
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Waiting for the half psrts i needed for my engine . And damned to wait enother month coz of tight budget to finish it … i think its time for stratovarius … one of my favorites …

I was fast in the last practice so i am a little happy . I will find my self .

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They stand just right on the apex turn in mister officer !!!

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The sweetest grasses grow on the apex dontchaknow.

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Austin (boots stop working)

@Stamatis125 a cowgirl down the Austin way went and got her heart broken. She’d like to tell ya about it if you have a moment.

Me, I’ll be heading north today, brushing the countryside and mountains as I head up to Albany.

The timing chain on the x3 did its magic just as Nick was driving home from his first year of university. Fortunately we had time to arrange flatbed and somewhere to take it. Off to get its corpse today, and the BMW seat is gonna replace my sim rig focus rs seat.

Road to Albany

Little blue English car deserves a blue Englishman driver:

Everyone slowed to look

The cybertruck is really cool to see. It’s a bit unfinished looking but very cool. Here’s the other, also cool, Tesla:

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@Stamatis125 well I have failed you my friend……

I was driving home today and on my street…. Going down the sidewalk…. In suburban central Jersey…. past the McMansions (literally while passing the old Mrs Johnson (of JNJ bandages etc) home….


I kid you not, a man on horseback also leading a second horse by the bridle.

I have lived here 54 years and never seen a horse being ridden in town.

Anyways I didn’t get the shot. I promise I will grab it if it occurs again.

Your country/western stuff has seeped into my life, somehow.

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You didn’t fail me Dom you make my way to work a lot easier with that letter .

Today i am having the goats :goat: as a company .

And as john datton said. " montana is not for sale !! " .

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When i hear the title miles away , winger band always comes to my mind .

. its asweet and dull childhood memory those bands from the days we had longer hairs than our mothers and we where prettier than the girls in high-school. But still heavy . It was before nirvana comes in our lives and we start to wear coloured sweeters and skateboard shoes Dom …


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