Pre-Race/Track Pump Up Jams

Bring back some color!

They just released the car color distribution in the USA.

  • 24% White.
  • 24% Gray.
  • 20% Black.
  • 9% Silver.
  • 7% Dark Blue.

Then and now

I’m sure you’ve heard of her. From what I understand she was America’s Edith Piaf or perhaps Edith was France’s Patsy? IIRC also tragic.

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Road to 50 sorta

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Goodmorning America , with a classic one !

Cannonball run 1 . And a lambo on the intro scene?

Man thats unbeatable and i am a Porsche guy .

Great movie series overall also .


Right in the feels. I loved this song as a teen.thank you for reminding me!

I found a song that made me instantly think of how it feels endurance karting. Here’s you, one hour in, two to go, and you and the kart are on the same page and working it:

There is an unofficial cannonball run. Totally illegal, of course, and complex to pull off. Also, since they are breaking the law, they can’t publish their data for x years to avoid prosecution or something. Personally not keen on the idea of 100+ on public roads but that’s neither here nor there.

This doesn’t surprise me:

The record was broken multiple times during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking advantage of a reduction in both road users and law enforcement presence.[18]"

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I’m not usually a metal fan, but I can’t stop listening to RATATATA by Babymetal and Electric Callboy since it dropped earlier this month! It’s a weird mix of metal/J-Pop/techno/dance that somehow just works really well together and it’s definitely my current pump up jam! As far as I can tell, it’s just about dancing your butt off all night long with your friends.


Ohhhh… boy … i never know … that it is really a thing that is existed… many thanks for the education Dom . That is for sure a special race for glory stuff .

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I’m digging it!
I recently got suggested some Punjabi pop from the algorithm and enjoyed it alot. There’s so much variety!

I got pushed this which I really liked, speaking of Japan… but may be not actually Japanese since she’s called Peggy.

@Stamatis125 ok I’ll handle the first leg from NYC to Chicago…

Who hops in in Chicago from KP for the run to Denver?

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I can handle all the wrenching to keep the car running smooth and i can handle the matter with the extra tank and the fuel system and efficiency for the trip .

Also we got george here who,is a magician with tje pcs with the communications and with the new tech stuff and he can do the matter for making us police bulletproof …

You dont need the whole world to succeed, you just need 2 or 3 touch mother fu… as your best friends and believe in it .

I dont remember who said that …

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Between the wise men, rogues and outright reprobates that populate this forum, we have the ability to field a winning team. I, however, don’t want to go to jail!

Oh there’s a variant of this that goes around Manhattan. There’s a ring highway. Anyways there was a rather large to-do a couple years ago when a fella set a hotlap round the city and put it up on social media. Then the law came a knocking.

Adam Tang, alias “Afroduck,” has laid claim to the alleged fastest lap around Manhattan: 26.5 miles in just over 24 minutes . He may also hold the title of world’s cockiest criminal, telling the NYPD to come and get him after fleeing to his native Canada during the trial that found him guilty last week.

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Electric Callboy is a fun time. If you like BABYMETAL, Poppy’s last few albums probably would be good too.

This one is so fun. Her last couple singles have been pure serious metal though which is so cool to see. She just featured on Knocked Loose’s new single which is wild.

I’ve followed her since she was a weird artsy-robotic YouTuber, to a pop star, to now a metal singer.

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Speaking of unusual music… AI

Came across this, and it’s impressive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that we use such powerful tools to make pee-pee jokes.

I have no idea how AI music works but here’s an interesting piece:

“Take the nascent subreddit for SunoAI. Is the top post from the last month an example of someone using a new music technology to create something transcendent? Nope, it’s a guy (I am 99.999% sure it is a guy) making a 1950s-style song called I Glued My Balls to My Butthole Again.

Although, having listened to this song twice already today I don’t know, maybe it is transcendent.

This community will deliver juvenile stuff like the above, and people creating musicial fan fiction where their favorite artist, against their will, continues to produce what they want. But it will mainly just be a replacement for royalty-free music with no clear path for earnings for anyone given how easy it is to create.

@tjkoyen that’s wild, so many things going on musically… sugar in my teeth and demons in her dreams indeed!

Rebel Scum Cannonball Run forecast

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goodmorning America .

i guess its got to be cannoball run 2 intro music morning today , and this time with the white lambo dat turns red !

That car is funny. Every kid wanted it because it looked so cool. I remember seeing the top gear years later where they explain how utterly crap it was as a fast car. Apparently the aero actually is all for show and doesn’t do anything useful. :thinking: still looks great and that’s what matters, 95% of the time.

A useful trick:

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Thats why. I am a Porsche guy dom !!!

I am still remember countach lambo playing it in the game test drive 2 from the legendary accolade !!

Purple Irises

Gwen Stefani teams up with Blake Shelton for another country/pop fusion that is quite catchy.

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Font memories from this game as a teen .

Sound and music was fantastic for those years from my home computer amiga 500 ! I couldn’t wait to get home from school !!

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80’s 90’s computing was a great time. C64, 800XL, ST and AMIGA. So much entertainment, so little power :smiley:

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So then … amiga had became a successful home computer in the states also !

I was always wondering … because it was before internet comes in our houses here so we could only guess what happens gamewise at the other side of the atlantic .

Amiga games was a blast thow !! I am remembering so many titles and so many music still in my mind . A golder era yes !!

I mean listen to that intro tune from one of my favorites action games there …

I can’t say I know about the US as I grew up in Ireland :wink:

It’s generally accepted that the AMIGA and ST did better in Europe I think. I was an Atari owner, 800XL, 520ST and finally a 1040 STE. Literally blew myself half way across the room trying do to some sort of repair on the 520. Note: The PSU heatsink is live, just like the label on it states.

So many memories.

Then I saw racing on TV and a new obsession was added.

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