Pre-Race/Track Pump Up Jams

Fond memories with this album too - used to listen to it every morning biking to college from my apartment.


Not sure if I shared this before but we are going 80s montage music…

This is a good one to listen to before grid.


Oooh BMX was so cool. I never got to do that in any organized races. Peak 80s! Anodize all the parts!

Hey, it’s my spouse and her friends in highschool! (It’s not actually). Pass me the hairspray!

The hillclimb is tomorrow, Ronald!

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I found something contemporary that is of interest:

Speaking of which… now this, this is interesting. Music has gone truly multimedia in a very artistic way. I was awfully impressed by that @tjkoyen Margaret and the machines video. I found it beautiful. This, too, in a different way. The video borrows from an 80s photographers work stylistically, but the name escapes me at the moment. Enjoy. Btw, the song speeds up at end and gets intense.

or there’s this, which slaps and is wholesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::

I used to think Die Antwoord was a goofy guilty pleasure but they have some pretty disturbing allegations against them at the moment…

I Just heard of them… I’ll Google it. I’m guessing not good. Music was pretty good.
Flea and Marilyn Manson appear to make a cameo so I’m guessing these folks got huge.

And to think Ozzy took flak for the bat thing. Comparatively he’s a saint.

So the band image is around some sort of SA gangster scene turned to 11 with blood sex magik or something. Except there’s allegations that are ugly. However, I did not see any headlines suggesting that the accusations resulted in trial.

Well… the measurements at the crankshaft on the old rotax show that we are off the limits 0.4mm .

so we are gonna need some truing work here … also the weather today is cold winter .

Im sure survivor will help … good evening from greece .

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I love the photo hmmmmmm

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An unexpected collaboration: Neil Young and Devo

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europe always do the job dom … on the road to the racetrack .

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I remember these guys! They were very huge.

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Put this on and never stop apexing:

Some guy had a comment like… "these guys were already in the 80s in the 70s…

Aaand, the 80s

Sad news…

Shane MacGowan, irascible frontman of The Pogues, has died at age 65

@Stamatis125 i am curious if the artifact in the fog was a tower for the windmill.

Also random collage of French drivers for @tankyx

Scenes from my island @Stamatis125

Thats one of my favorites rock song from a greek rock band dom . I will photo the same place tomorrow at work but with out the fog you will see what it was hided .

I will take some photos from the night out town now that Christmas is coming and share it here coz i know you like it !

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Here you are … photo with out the fog .

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Aha! I thought that’s what it might be!

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