Pressure and temp monitoring?

(Lee Swindell) #1

Hi team.

I’ve got real time Tyre monitoring on my mind. What do people think of wifi pressure and temp monitoring systems?

What say you all?


(James McMahon) #2

Here’s something along those lines…

(Lee Swindell) #3

Interesting stuff James. Thanks for pointing it out.

Eric, if you’re here - where did this end up?

(Eric Riggs) #4

Its all setup and on the kart but unfortunately I got a bad eye injury and can’t kart until it’s better so can’t say how useful it is yet. I will say the small wires i’m using are a PITA they tend to break pretty easily so I will need to find stronger / thicker wires going forward.

(Lee Swindell) #5

Look forward to hearing more Eric.
Bummer about your eye - hope you and it are back on track soon.