Prettiest track?

I don’t have a photo, but I’ve always thought PittRace was a pretty facility. Out in the country, somewhat in the woods, new buildings, and quiet, except for the karts and cars.

Old man story: it’s funny how your perception of “nice track” can change over time.

I grew up 1 hour from mid Ohio, practically lived there on event weekends and have 1000’s of laps around that place. I always thought it was a top notch facility with great amenities, surroundings and atmosphere. Then you branch out to the small tracks like Nelson Ledges and Putnam and they build up Mid Ohio on a pedestal in your kind.

It’s only when you go to nicer tracks like Pitt Race and VIR that you start to realize that what you held in high regard isn’t as nice as you thought. Then you go to something like Watkins Glen and are in absolute awe of a facility. Then you start to travel internationally and see stuff like Nurburgring and Spa and are mind blown.

Feel like I had that same experience in karts. We started with Circleville and G&J. I knew new castle existed but the first trip there was like “this is how all kart tracks should be. “. Then you experience GoPro for the first time and are mind blown as to what a Karting facility can offer. We are members of MCC which I think has a ton to offer but it’s a different experience from GoPro. AMP is one I’d love to experience and I’m interested in what Whiteland can develop into. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to road America, the track and area are beautiful but the kart track and facilities themselves don’t stick out as memorable.


I did a road trip to GoPro and it is indeed a primo facility! I think amp and Gopro are similar in terms of “tier” but Gopro really has more racing dna. AMP is not set up for big races, no place for the big trucks.

I think Gopro layout is “better” from a racing perspective but AMP is better from a “wow what an amazing drive through the undulating countryside” kind of way.

I’m only 4 miles from there! Wish I had the time to race

When I’m editing my MCC vids, I always think to myself how pretty the background looks, especially end of season. And speaking of GoPro, I’m going to try and stop in next week. It’s my fave rental facility.

Gonna make me tear up here man😂
I found out why it closed, the guy made a shitload of money on some cleaning product he invested in during Covid. I was also told DRT offered to buy the track.
Were you lucky enough to ever run the full pit straight?

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I’ve never been, sadly. I would have loved it, I am sure. That banked turn is just too cool.

With you and Presley Whitney, MSU FSAE has the best driver lineup in the competition and should win at least one title with you there.

@Bimodal_Rocket no mention of club motorsports??

Does race walking count? I took all the apexes on the trail so I think it should count

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One of the dudes I race with in WF is actually on the team as well!
Unfortunately Aidan fox is on the Purdue FSAE team so in terms of drivers we’ve got some serious competition

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While a lovely track, it wasn’t really fully fleshed out as a karting facility.

The prompt was prettiest, by no means is their kart track amazing

G&J kartway Camden, Ohio…

Hahahahaha, ok its a joke but still a fun track.


Lovely shot. Charm is equally important.

Sexy looking dude, though!

Mainly a car facility but there is a rental track on site highlands motorsport park in new Zealand is awesome. The guy that owns it has a thing about toilets so they are always immaculate and cleaned a few times during the day.

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It’s a shame so many kart tracks are often built on bits of square flat land, rather than carved into a landscape. I guess it’s karting advantage because we can fit on smaller pieces of land, but I would love a proper cadwell like kart track.


I going with Sonoma - it sits high on a bluff overlooking Sonoma county. The old F1 in Boston sure was nice. The track itself. The rest of the area sucked.

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I’d really like to drive AMP and Road America as both have more elevation than most kart tracks.

When the weather is right in Ohio, then MCC is awesome and the karting equivalent of Mid Ohio to me

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For elevation, try Shawano.

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