Prettiest track?

HA! I think race walking counts; everything is a track with the right mindset. :wink:
However, hitting the apexes is just the start, you need to add ‘feeling’ through the ‘turns’, like the load transferring forward as you enter the turn, and feeling that load causing the ‘front end’ to drift due to load-induced slip angles. :rofl:

Actually race walking was partially developed throughout the Sierra mountains (at many locations between Mt. Shasta, and Yosemite park) because my parents would drag my sister and I backpacking what felt like every weekend. To amuse my self, I would race up the trails (with sound effects). I certainly appreciate the memories of those trips much more now than I did at the time.

Also, nice photo; where is that?

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Haha, I was totally trying to bias your opinion with that!

I believe that was between mt Monroe and mt Washington in the white mountains


Indeed. It did not have facilities, kinda.

It might be the novelty of it being from the Midwest, but I always liked the scenery of Western tracks.

Miller in Utah and Grand Junction Colorado both have good backdrops.

Only photo I have from Miller:



I’m honestly in between New Castle (NOT the ski jump section) and the Pittrace (Pittsburgh).

NYRC (New York Race Complex) has a really nice backdrop and is a pretty smooth track, but the track itself sucks. It’s literally just whoever is in second on the last lap wins. Huge toe and only really 4 real corners.

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Honorable mention to SuperNats. Though not naturally pretty, the backdrop is unique to anything else in karting.

But if you happen to drive there from the East, the views are spectacular.


The journey west is pretty impressive. In my early 20s me and a pal drove around the western part of the US until we ran out of money, taking in the parks etc. Southeastern Utah and New Mexico are amazing.

I had Sarno up there but couldn’t find a good picture.

Marcos track. Haven’t been yet since it’s a good ways north. Worth a trip?

I"ve never been here but from what I’ve seen this qualifies for the “adorable” category.

Pats Acres:

It’s cute, smallish, not fussy.


Sarno has pretty surroundings, but is it a pretty track? It’s built on a flat bit of land.

I tease Tanguy about this all the time, that his beloved Euro CIK-FIA layouts are all flat as pancakes. I’m not entirely wrong.

We can’t all have Heysham lol.

Is Shawano the USAir facility?

There is a bridge over/under section, just kind of randomly. Which is cool. Little track for rentals I am guessing.


The track itself is the most fun and coolest layout in the country. The surroundings aren’t anything special, just Wisconsin cornfields mostly.

The bridge is on the rental track.

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for those that don’t know

This reminds me of that UK car track that you see on top gear/drive with Chris hooning.

Has the kart track always been so close to the water or is that coastal erosion at work?

This is where you had that old super kart footage from?

Coastal erosion, i think at least half of it is in the sea now. I tried to find it on google earth but where i think it should be there is no evidence (but guessing where i think it is).

Heres the video @Alan_Dove did on it.