Q&A Kartpulse Podcast Thread with Terence Dove

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #1

I am really excited to announce that @Terence_Dove, kart coach and author of ‘Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving’ is going to come onto an episode of the Kartpulse Podcast. We’re recording on Saturday May 27th, so we had the idea of creating a Q/A thread for people to ask Terence questions about the sport, driver coaching, and anything else you can think of!

We’ll pick up any questions that get left in the thread below as subjects for the upcoming episode. I’m only going to take questions that are left here on the forums, so Facebook comments threads won’t count! :wink:

Come up with some good ones!

Update (5/20/2017): Terence is giving away two copies of his book to people who ask questions in the thread below, before we start the podcast recording. All you have to do is a post a question and you’re automatically entered!

Update: (5/28/2017) - Part 1!

As we mentioned earlier, Terence has given away two copies of his books to people who submitted questions. Part 1 has one winner announced and Part 2 will have the next! The winner in Part 1 is…(drumroll)…Michael Zahorski @Zebug! I’ll reach out to you for your address, or also make sure to PM me with your mailing information! Congrats, Mike!

Update (6/3) - Part 2 is live!

The winner of our second book is Russell Brewis @russellb - Congrats! DM me and send me your mailing address, and I’ll send you a free copy of Terence’s book.

Update: 6/10 - Bonus Part 3 episode!

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Hi all new to the forum
Hi all new to the forum
(Ted Hamilton) #2

What difference in driving style do today’s karts demand as opposed to those in the 90’s. early 2000’s?

(James McMahon) #3

To piggyback on what Ted said… What differences (If any) are there in driving a lower powered kart (four stroke WF/GX) vs a higher powered one, say X30.

(Nicholas Bushnell) #4

What do you believe is the most challenging part of sprint kart racing?

(Russell Brewis) #5

Do you ever advocate ‘double peddling’, if so when - and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

(Felix Yeung) #6

What are the best ways to get the inside rear wheel released entering a corner?

(Tyler Curley) #7

Can you make a comfortable living solely from driver coaching?

(Reece Shephard) #8

What do you think is the best ever class in karting and what’s the best chassis ?

(C Kelly) #9

What tips can you give us on making a really good start. I’ve seen so many potentially good results sacrificed by tentative starts.

That’s rolling starts by the way.

(R Daly) #11

How much difference does body weight make when karting?

(Dionízia Carson) #12

What do you think about coaches who don’t like female in kart racing and just simply ignore them, or find ridiculous excuses to not to help? Do you think that these ignored girls should continue to fight for becoming a great racing driver? ( Sorry for my accidental mistakes! English is not my mother tongue :wink: )

(Mike Kellum) #13

I have found that my front tires tend to “scallop” on the inside edge when I am most happy with my handling. I’ve noticed this on numerous other drivers tires also. Is it generally product of: understeer, overdriving the corner, or normal wear?

(Evan C) #14

Hi, what do you think of the progress of electric karts and do you think it will take over traditional karts in popularity?

(Nick Rowland) #15

What are the significant differences between indoor and outdoor Karting?

(Nick Rowland) #16

Is sitting up and leaning back in the Kart best suited to outdoor Karts?

(Andre Molina) #17

Talk to us about slip angle, Mr. Dove. :slight_smile:

Should you maintain a slip angle or point and shoot out of corners?

(Bence Alex Tözsér) #18

How the racing line changes with the change in grip? Do you take a longer/straight acceleration out of corners when grip is less?

(Michael Zahorski) #19

What do you find is the best way to help get someone over a “fear” when driving.

(Michael Haffenden) #20

Hi all, been karting on/off, love it, but have only used arrive and drive karts.

My favourite track have karts with super long brake pedals, really different from how my car brakes feel. Anyone have any advice on how to be better on brakes?

(Jake Reihl) #21

So I’m a complete newbie to karting. What are some good tips for kart setup for someone just getting started? I’m going to be running LO206, if that helps.