Race fees / track fees

Lets face it, nothing in racing is free, and race fees are just one of the many expenses that are part of karting. With that said what is a reasonable fee to race your kart? I have been doing some searching on this topic and would like input.

My local track is Lafayette Motorsports Park in Lafayette, NY which is a business (not a club) and charges $65 for race fee ($55 for track members). A typical race day is practice from 10 to 11:30 which is usually 2 rounds for all classes. 1 - 5 min organized practice by class to check in transponders, 1 - 5 min qualifier, a 15 lap pre-final and a 15 lap final. A lap is about 32 seconds so the race is over in about 10 min. A practice day $45 and is usually broken up by classes and sometimes includes motorcycles.

My thinking initially was this is a little high, but in looking around at tracks in the northeast, its actually on the low side.

So what are others paying?

Option 1: Membership $1,000 year
And then you pay $40 per day for members

Option 2: (Non-members)
$50 per day
$35 per day for kids and (I think) for cadets as well?

Whether its practice or a race day, price doesn’t change. They charge by the driver and not by how many karts you bring.

Typically open 5 hours per day on the days they operate. (Thurs-Sun)

My local track here in the midwest charges $200 per household. Regardless if its 1 racer or 5 racers.

We get unlimited track time, sunrise to sunset, but the track is closed 1 weekend a month on Friday and Saturday.

Race day fees:
$45 per driver with membership
$55 per driver without membership
$10 pit pass

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My son’s club charges $65 for a race for club members, or $85 for non members, which consists of 2 practice sessions, a qualifying session, a pre final and a final, or 2 practices, 2 heats, and a final, and they grid up based on points.

Practice is $50 for the full day.

All that is Canadian funds.

$40 Race Day, $4 For Spec 4 cycle fuel, $8 spec 2 cycle fuel. $10 transponder rental (if you need to rent)

Practice days, from sun up to sun down any day there isn’t an event. $10 for all day. first 15min for kid karts, next 15min for motorcycles if they are there. Last 30min any kart can go on track.

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We have family memberships at two clubs:

NTK - Member Owned Track
Member Annual Dues - $395 (includes: Household Members only)
Unlimited practice (except for event days or work days) however a board member must be present to turn the track lights on after dark. Common practice on Friday and Saturday nights.
Member race fees $45, Non-Member race fee $80
Pit pass (spectator/mechanic) Adults $10, Kids $8, Kids under 5 yo $0

DKC - Rental Kart Track with onsite Pro-Shop
Platinum Annual Family Membership $1000 / Gold Annual Family Membership $500 (includes: Immediate Family Members, ie. Parents, Children, Siblings & Spouses…sorry cousin Eddie)
Daily Practice - Platinum $0 / Gold $25 (both have a $10 daily insurance fee)
Saturday Practice is discouraged due to high Rental volume.
Race Day Fees - Member (Platinum or Gold) $55 / Non-Member $75
No Pitt Pass fees as races are often run between Rental Sessions.

I pay circa $250 per race day plus around $100 per test day for track fees if I wanna practice at that track running up to raceday.

Plus tyres. Plus hotel if it’s a hike away. I budget around 1000 bucks to do a race.

Dousman is $30 for practice on Friday/Saturday and $15 for practice Wednesday/Thursday.

Wow, is that converted to US funds or in your currency? What kind of participation do you get with those fees?

Iirc I was spending similar under a tent. Weekends came about to 1500-2000 for the two of us Sat. and Sunday. Typically no hotel.

Rental racing runs around 75 for your sprint type race and 125 for a 2 hr enduro at NJMP.

The formal procup endurance races run about 350 a head for a 6hr.

I kinda love how affordable rental racing is and it’s enough fun to keep me pretty content.

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I rent a garage at my track, and with it I get 4 free practices a month ($56) each practice. So the track Fee is $56 per driver $15 for spectator/mechanic access to grid/paddock.


Per race day 10 mins practice quali, heat race around 12 minutes, préfinal around 15 minutes, final 20 minutes.

If I’m just smashing the blacktop at my local track it’s $67 a day for track fees from 2pm-11pm.

$25 plus $10 pit pass for a practice day or $300 yearly practice and you buy a $10 pit pass each time.

Race Day fee is $45 for the first class with pit pass included and $35 for the second class. 7min practice, 8 lap heat, 20 lap feature.

Whiteland Raceway Park in Indiana

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Club races at New Castle pre-registration fees are $42 plus $12 pit pass so $54 total. 2 cycle gas is $10 gallon, practice days are $32. These are all non-member fees it’s a few bucks cheaper if you are a member.

GoPro Karting challenge is $75 race fee for pre-entry. Practice days there are $45-60 depending on the day. 2 cycle gas is $10 / gallon.

MCC ProAM is $55 for race with pre-registration, practice days are few and far between because it’s a private club but when they are made available they are $45-55. If you buy their VP spec fuel at the track you purchase a 5 gallon drum for $85

Are there any racers from OVRP? I have seen a fee of $100 for their night race and it looks like $80 for day races, do I have this correct? Either way that seems high.

ADULT DRIVER “BASE LEVEL” MEMBERSHIP (Single driver 18 yrs + older) • $45 Test & $60 Race Fee. $20 savings every time you are on the track! • Able to store Karts or Trailers at OVRP (additional fees apply – see below) • Eligible for points towards Club Racing Championships

200 annual membership for single person 18+.

Kart storage $550

Dom I saw that, but they also had a registration link from the night race in July and it mentioned entry fee of $100

Well I just lent my kart to a friend who did a race there as non member and he said it was 100 fee to enter race. So for 200 annual membership it drops to 60, it seems.

$120… for 40 minutes of track time.
Than there’s the tent fee which is like $375.
Also no practice days at any track within 5 hours of me

Yeeesh. Ayuh luv New Hampshire. Except for economical karting, lol.