Rebel Scum goes racing: GPNY

@AndreLafond @Bimodal_Rocket and @nikspeeds shall be racing the 3rd winter TKC race to be held at the fabulous GPNY in My. Kisco, NY.

We come full circle as this is the site of the very first TKC event:

This is a special place, being one of the original multi story electric layouts in the area, built before the explosion of new and modern tracks.

It is also my understanding that in the past year or so, they upgraded to a fleet of new Bizkarts. This should be good!

Andre and I will head down Saturday and get a bunch of practice sessions in. We will need them given the locals who likely know the place inside out. Nik will be a good husband and father and not join us for practice but instead will send it in the am, when the flag drops.

Tanguy raced the first TKC event

We are racing sprint this time, a series of heat races. This will be a lot of fun in that we usually are racing cooperatively together. Today, Andre tastes sidepod (I’m kidding I won’t pod you probably. Instead let’s pod Nik).

I will also have to opportunity to get new photos and update my Google review of the facility, which is fun.

Anyhoo, we shall update this as photos and stories become available.

As of right now we are at headcount of 28 drivers. I believe there is still room for a few more if interested.

Sign ups here:

COME RACE REBEL SCUM :pirate_flag::skull::checkered_flag:


Ok so you know how you have to register online and create a racer profile? I made us profile pics…



I also managed to have a frustrating ordeal with the online reservation system… but after speaking to a young lady over the phone I was at least able to confirm that wads of money thrown into the void did result in more practice sessions than Andre wants.

I think I’m gonna try to convince Andre to do all 6 practice sessions I got for Saturday night. I mean, we got nothing better to do.

Nik is riding the tightrope that all expectant parents slack-line daily. So, he’s unable to join us for the Saturday practice sessions. We did get out this week for some bumper smashing at supercharged, however. Not that prepares him for this but he’s a big boy and very capable.

@E13 is unable to join us as this race conflicts with the terms of his parole, sadly. Crossing state lines and all that.

My son can’t come, alas, because he’s currently checking out this (Goddard? Space Center):

Oh and since I’m racing I can’t sleep. Crap. This is gonna be a fun but tiring weekend!


Kart Driver - The Motion Picture - Notable Dom Quotes:

  • “Faster than you, f++king son of a… Saw you coming you f++king… shitheel.”
  • “You make the move. You make the move. It’s your move…”
  • " Don’t try it you f++k."
  • " You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talking… you talking to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the f++ck do you think you’re talking to? Oh yeah? OK."
  • “I got some bad ideas in my head.”

Cool deal for your son.
Good luck to RSR this weekend!

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Why thank you. My internal dialogue goes something like this:

“Be nice, these people are innocents”

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The World is Beautiful: scenes from the journey to GPNY

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My internal dialogue doesn’t exist. I just see targets

When one is born with a hammer of a talent, such as yours, it is not surprising is that all you can see are nails. We shall miss having you to do battle with… @E13

I have arrived at the hotel and now I wait. We start at 7.

Rebel Scum Hallway

Rebel Scum Helmet

The drive was actually nice. You get to drive on a relatively narrow 2-lane expressway that undulates over some hills related to the Hudson, I think. That was fun at highway speed on a relatively uncrowded day.

The opening bit, getting across the GW is less interesting but things change as you head North. :sunglasses:

Dom is currently the most colorfully dressed person in the building

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This is great. It seems to symbolize the escape of the spirits of the poor sods working in a high-rise on a gray Saturday. :+1:

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Escape from New York… Snake Plisken… fleetwood? caddy with chandelier headlamps…


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A very, very fun practice…

And we made some new friends…

Some photos and then bed




Now about getting those suits printed. I need to hear back from that guy. I don’t know at what point to give up and just re-order the stuff I sent them.

Andre 3rd A

Nik:? B

Dom 4 C

Much to come, many stories to tell.

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Very fun and event went pretty smoothly.

Qualified 10th, pretty awful but it ended up working out. Finished third in heat one for group A. Then went from 6th to 1st to win the reverse grid heat two.

Felt like I understood the track/karts much better by that point.

My poor quali meant I started the A final in 4th. Ran really long on pit stops and led most of it. Rejoined after the second stop in third and stayed there for the last two laps. Didn’t have a great kart, no front end. But regardless I felt like I could have driven it a bit better and wasn’t as consistent as I should have been. Finished third and if I had run some better times in the middle of the race, p2 would have been likely.

Really fun event though and had a great time. I’m sure dom will have the footage up in the near future.

@Bimodal_Rocket @E13


I have to get us a new card, I think. I was able to get yours to the app. For some reason the SIM card is being a pain. I don’t see as many files as I thought you’d have.

I’m working on the vids.

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My race was interesting…

I had improved in the layout in practice and was feeling pretty good.

Then we get to race and it’s a different layout which caught me by surprise mid lap.

I had spent the prior evening learning to take all the turns which ended up being not flat in the race karts (more powerful).

It took me a bit to adjust and ultimately ended up fourth in C. Wasn’t that I drive poorly, I don’t think. I unfortunately had a very bad kart for my first heat race and struggled with understeer.

The event itself ran VERY smoothly. Matteo and Alec did a great job and the local team was amazing.

This was good race and well worth the trip. It was also fun making a weekend of it and getting in 6 practice sessions the night before. A lot of seat time!

@nikspeeds Tell us how you fared!

@AndreLafond Bad news… you have no sunday footage, only saturday… No idea why.

Ill get a new sim card, I think.

Dom Final

Dom 360 Final

Most of my footage will probably be boring, the reverse grid heat will be the most entertaining by a lot.

Ah, that’s weird. No worries though.