Road Course Practice for 250 Shifter Kart

Hoping I may be able to find a track that I can open practice with my CRG Road Rebel 250 CC shifter kart. It has been a challenge for me to find a place that will let me all out run my 250 CC shifter kart. Most tracks set up for go kart including shifter karts are 1/2 mile or so multi turn courses. I really want to run my shifter kart as fast as I can push the engine. A lot of places are a bit nervous to let me go on my shifter kart because it does go pretty fast top speed. 100 + MPH and if anyone has some suggestions I would like to hear from you.
thanks so much Mike

You’re going to limited for the reasons you stated. 250cc is about RR, not sprints. You certainly can drive a 250 on a sprint course, but not to its full potential, & I’m sure potential liability has everything to do with getting turned away at sprint courses. More than likely, you’ll be limited to running on full RR courses during races or track day events. Your best bet will be a RR kart club.

Perhaps a car club would also let you join their ranks & get some laps in at a local road course, but I dunno.

Hi Spencer, thanks I will try that. Most places will let me go on short tracks and pretty much I may be able to go faster in some places but can not use the full potential of my kart. Yes it is risky to go fast on my shifter kart and it is dangerous but that is what I like to do. I will ask around and see if anyone will be willing to let me have a little fun.
thanks for the reply Mike

Don’t know where you’re located but if you can swing by the Arizona area, we can get you running.
Most of the tracks we run are certainly big enough for a 250 to “stretch it’s legs”, next event is Labor Day, 2.75 mile track.
SouthWest Karters
Our schedule for 2019.
January 20th - Honda Musselman Circuit
February 17th - Wild Horse Pass West - Enduro Race
March 17th - Arizona Motorsports Park
April 14th - Wild Horse Pass Main
May 25th and 26th - Inde Motorsports Ranch
August 31st and September 1st - Inde Motorsports Ranch
October TBD - Honda Musselman Circuit
November 3rd - Wild Horse Pass West - Enduro Race
December 1st - Wild Horse Pass Mondo
We have four classes. Fastest first.
250 cc twins and singles, 450 cc four strokes and other “exotic" karts.
125 cc adult modified gearbox karts. ICCs run here too.
SPEC 180
It’s for people that are about average weight,
And have a Stock Moto engine.
All adult electric start, one speed karts.
Other adult karts may be included depending on performance.
The class consists mainly of Briggs World Formula powered Sprint karts.
MG Red tires required (or its new replacement)
Three weight divisions.
Driver weight less than 160 pounds.
Driver weight less than 160 to 190 pounds.
Driver weight more than 190 pounds.
Class selection may change based on driver performance (see race director).

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You’re not alone…

I’d rather do this than cross the road at night.

Hi Benn, thanks for the information. I love in New Jersey. It would be a long trip for me to come to Arizona. I am sure I would have fun on a few of the tracks you have mentioned. I do things a little over the top some times. I like to fly small planes, drive motorcycles too fast and yes go a little to fast on go karts. If I do end up your way I will be sure to stop in.
all the best Mike Stendor

Yeah, that would be a bit of a drive from New Jersey!
Don’t loose the faith though.
Here are some links to my son running our 250 Sprinter (and Super Kart) from a few years ago - to keep you enthused!

Arroyo Seco
Firebird Main
Inde Motorsports Ranch
Firebird West
Firebird Main race
Firebird Main Burndown

Top speed on all these tracks is about 102-105 mph except for the Main track and Inde. Those are 112-115 mph unless noted.

Big motors are fun!

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Ship it to the UK we race 250s on short circuits :slight_smile: . The aussies and new zealand lot used to with the open class as well. I don’t see a big difference between a KZ and 250 in terms of safety to be quite honest.

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Have you been to Oakland Valley Race Park? Not sure where in NJ you are, but it’s around an hour from north Jersey. It’s a pretty tight sprint track with one long straight, but I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to let you run as hard as you could.


Check out the Woodbridge Kart Club - they race in the mid-atlantic. You could probably get time at NJMP, Summit Point (any of the 3 tracks on site), Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, Pittsburgh International Race Complex, etc. etc.

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All good suggestions. I think you should definitely try to connect with any potiental road racers in your area.

Make a post in the “enduro go-Karting” Facebook group, asking who’s around you that road races. See how you can team up and hit up those big courses.

Maybe plan on a few days in the Sun during December at Daytona?

Hi Nick, thanks I am a club member at oakland valley. It is a nice track. I have a lot of fun there. The track is about .7 tenth of a mile with a lot of turns. I can’t take advantage of the top speed potential of my shifter because the main straight although long is not long enough to reach the top speed of my kart. I will have to shop around and see where I can go. Thanks for the info. Mike

Thanks James, I am getting really good suggestions for my shifter kart from the forum. I am grateful for the comments everyone has given me for my quest to push my shifter to the max. Check out my youtube channel if you want to see some of my video. My youtube channel is Mike Stendor

                                                                                thanks again     Mike Stendor
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