Road Rash frame repair

How do (or do) you folks repair scratches to the underside of your chassis? I know many just upgrade to a new chassis, but if you like your current one, and you just want to repair it, what is the best path forward?

In my mind, I would just weld in new filler medal, and keep the heat in check my taking frequent brakes and laying short beads.

Is this a correct assumption?


Keep repainting it so you’re never wearing through steel, and use a steel frame saver underneath the chassis.

If it’s worn through it’s toast!

When you say “scratches” to me that would indicate that the tubing is still round and is missing paint, If so, a little sanding, clean up, prime and paint with a rattle can in something close in color. If however, the tubing has flat spots that would mean the metal has been ground away and if I understand you correctly you would like to weld the steel to " fill in" the missing material. If this is the case I would be reluctant to do that. I would install chassis protectors where its hitting and keep the chassis as is. If it has significant wear then it probably doesn’t matter as it will need to be replaced.

@Charles_Kaneb I disagree wholeheartedly on wore through = toast!

Last time I saw it done, it was worn through the middle cross bar and cracked the frame in half. Grabbed flat stock from Rural King, flux core weld it on at the track, go out and win… It’s all I’ll fast as shit to this day a few months later. We affectionately call it Skidplate.

When I say worn through, I mean WORN THROUGH.

Frame repairs, even extensive ones, are perfectly fine at the local and regional levels.

Tubing is still round except in two spots that are worn flat (not through, yet), the front cross bar and the middle cross bar. Both about 8-14 inches long, not worn through, but worn flat; but thats what I’m worried about is it evenly wearing through. I figured there is still metal there to adhere to, and I have some skills behind a welder (and the welder itself) that I use on WW2 Jeep projects. I was a novice paint and body guy in my youth.

My reluctance, is being the frame is like a giant spring, adding too much heat could weaken it or take the “springiness” out of it. That is what I don’t know so I’m outside my wheel house a bit.

Which is what prompted this question. I have a set of Kart Lift metal chassis protectors that I just put on last week, but I’d like to (if possible) preserve the frame as much as possible. I want to lay a bead over these spots, grind it back circular, and then touch up the paint.

Middle Cross bar:

Front Cross Bar (with the new Kart Lift Chassis protectors):

Previous owner had this kart sitting low. Not blaming him, I did some of those too. I have no regard for lawn maintenance. :rofl:

If it was mine I would leave it. Maybe brush a little paint on to make he feel better. The frame protectors will limit future wear. As you know welding will add a ton of heat that is best avoided when possible. If it drives good leave it alone.

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That isn’t that flat. I’ve ran way worse. I wouldn’t worry about it a bit.


Yeah, that chassis isn’t bad.

I’d paint it, then add some frame savers.

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I’m with everyone else, its not that bad, especially for the cross members (the seat tube is barely through the paint) If the side frame rails look like this too I might be a little more concerned but would probably still keep it as is. I think you risk damaging it more trying to fix it.