ROK Lube oil?

The VLR manual (exceptionally lacking :frowning: ) recommends ROK Lube premix oil. I can’t find in thru a Google search. Has anyone used it or know who sells it? I’m using Elf HTX 909 but I’m curious about the mysterious oil that does or doesn’t exist!

The current Rok spec oil is produced by a company called Eni. Your Elf will be fine, as will any quality 2 stroke oil mixed at the proper ratio.

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Thanks Ricky! So what the manual calls “ROK lube” is actually ROK spec oil produced by Eni. That “manual” continues to confound me.

Do you (or anyone reading) have any experience with Elf HTX 976+? It’s cheaper than 909…

Guess I’ll just pay the price and stick with 909. Karting certainly ain’t cheap!

We’ve used 976 in our shifters. They didn’t wear any different. It’s a different color if I remember right.

I think this is the rok lube you are referring to.

Oh wow! You found it. I just wanted to see it. Good sleuthing!

Thanks Matthew, I might give it a shot and save a few bucks.

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976 is usually marginally more expensive, being the full synthetic.

$17 on Amazon whereas 909 is $30

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Good price for 976, well below normal retail. :+1: