Rok shifter battery connection

Is there a battery holder and harness for the rok shifter engine?

I didn’t think it had a battery or electric start?

The Rok Shifter is a push to start, are you referring to the RTZ or RSZ shifter? The ones we race in the US are mainly push to start (as in you run and attempt to jump in and then bust your ass on the pavement while your kart drives away into the wall). but I know in Europe there are some different versions that I believe have a electric start.

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Wow, thanks for the replies. I’m new to karting and recently purchased the rok shifter for my kart and was trying to figure out the battery connection. The rok shifter doesn’t need a battery?

So it get’s it’s spark just from the coil?

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Yep, well the stator and rotor to be specific generate the power. But yes, once the engine is spinning above 600 RPM or so, it should spark.

There may or may not be a kill switch.

Lol, I should’nt laugh because I’m sure that’s gonna happen to me. Thanks for the video.

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There is one red wire coming from the coil that has nothing connected to it, is that for a mychron or sensor?

The same goes for TaG shifter engines. The battery strictly supports the starter, & may or may not have a recharge circuit to it. Bump starting is still an option if the battery dies.

Jason, there should be a charge line to the coil from the stator via CDI (or other). The Mychron will have an RPM line coming from it that will wrap around the spark plug wire coming off the coil. It’s s not an integral part of anything on the motor.

Can you post a pic? It’s most likely a kill switch wire. Typically the mychron RPM lead is just wrapped around the spark plug lead.

Awesome, thank you so much that’s a big help .

Absolutely I will post, a ton of pics, just not home right now, I drive OTR and stay out a while and am trying to build this kart when I get home breaks so I have relied on the internet for just about everything kart related.

So much for that helmet. No good after contact with the pavement. Shame too, looks like a nice paint job! :rofl:

Probably the case if it’s coming off the coil, just has to go to ground somewhere past the switch.

It definitely is, thanks again guy’s for the help. It’s the ignition interrupt and I am considering the ME-Shifter paddle’s that connect right to that wire.

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ME Shifter is a proven unit which I almost bought, but rear exhaust cradle bracket & chain guard on my chassis are close together & take up the space where part of its actuator bracket clamps on the inner engine mount tube, so I wound up going with an electronic shift unit from TheLab-Europe called the SS2/D-Shifter, because it mounts the actuator in front of the airbox, & uses a magnetic paddle design that mimics the type used in F1. So far, I’m really impressed with its quality.

Wow Spencer, I almost bought that one from Lab Europe but I saw that the Me mounts at the rear and since I don’t need a battery for the engine, I can use the space for the ME battery. I got the gear lever extender from Swedtech and would like to run it under the axle.

Do you still need a clutch lever with the paddles?

Yes. The shifter operates independently of the clutch, so you’ll still need to use the clutch lever. These e-shifters are slick, but not that slick.

Stefano Parisi of The Lab is a great to deal with, & his product is top shelf.