Rotax evo bogging

Hello all,

Running Rotax evo sr had a previous issue on top end RPM, turns out the tubing to the solenoid was wrong. Everything ran great after but now seem like it boggs a lot out of the slow corners. Any recommendations?

Thank you

Sounds goofy but check your accel cable rigging. I remember similar when I had rotax, it was the accelerator cable had slipped so was opening the butterfly fully.

Otherwise I dunno, carb cleaning maybe?

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Does that mean where the accel cable goes into the carb?

I’ve cleaned out the main jet but good point I’ll take apart the complete carb and clean it out. Thank you

No I mean at the pedal.

Just take off the intake box, press the pedal fully and make sure the butterfly (actually it’s a slider on Rotax I think) is opening fully.

When I was struggling the loop connecting the cable to the pedal had slipped, so at full gas the throttle was only 3/4 open. Not so noticeable after the power valve opened but awful up to it

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You’ll find a configuration something like this at the pedal


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never considered looking at that. That’s a good one, I’ll check it out. Thank you

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