Rotax MaxEvo Sr - Mychron To EGT or not EGT

I’m building a kart set up for me to run around, no race league or anything. I’m looking at MyChron 5, but should I opt in for 2T option to do water temp and EGT or should I just use water temp?

I see people here kept saying EGT probes don’t last too long. I’ve had karts with and without EGT.

Water temp should be good enough.
That’s all I use.

Water temp will be more useful. Use a sensor that fits into the head rather than one in a coolant hose. If your coolant leaks out, a sensor in the hose will read a normal temperature temp until the engine locks up. A sensor in the head will keep reading the increase in head temp as the coolant leaks out. Might save a motor this way.

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Don’t forget there is a new M5 S, has a more precise GPS tracker which narrows down your lines to approx 40cm. Great for Race studio analysis. No need to get 2t option as water temp is all you need with Rotax.

M5S sensor? Does it come with the unit now or is this an adder?

comes with standard water temp sensor.

It comes with “Internal 4GB battery” :joy:

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