Ryan Norberg saves the day in Orlando (A rental karting review)

Thanks, Dom! The work trips will likely be two ~5 day trips separated by a week. The final schedule is still being worked out. Since the trips are work related, any karting is likely to be with co-workers/customers so Andretti may be the ticket. They keep us pretty busy entertaining customers/potential customers. I will definitely keep OKC in my back pocket for future trips to the area.

OKC dos rental karts too and it’s a lovely outdoor facility. Bit, it’s a bit outside of of town, kinda, so maybe Andretti is closer to hotels etc. Also,Andretti has arcade, sims, etc. So that might be fun for the folks who have no interest in the karts. Iirc it was 1/2hr to 45mins away from our conference center hotel. Andretti was a15-30 min Uber for me.

That’s kind of where my mind is going with this. Plus my company seems to like us to Uber into the conference hotel then leave us there… :upside_down_face:

Yah.For the non-racing gang, Andretti would be amusing.

However ,you really should try to arrange a day or something for yourself at OKC. If you race karts, you probably would benefit from getting some experience in that track, adding it to your mental resume of turns.

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My kingdom for a rental car!!! (it’s a small-ish kingdom) :laughing:

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A good point on learning a new track. I’m going to be pushing myself to tighten the loose nut behind the wheel down and run some bigger tracks with a goal of running the WKC Daytona races on my birthday at the end of the year. Happy birthday to me!

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A belated happy birthday is in order…

Happy Birelday.

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:joy: Thanks! 20 characters

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OKC is my home track and I highly recommend you check it out while you’re here. Great technical track and a blast to drive with a variety of sweepers and hairpins to challenge you. They have new OTK rental karts they just recently bought in. It’s much better in your own kart but the rentals are still pretty fast. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.


You guys are making it tough to leave my helmet at home! With my luck there will be copious amounts of liquid sunshine that week.

Speaking of their new karts, here’s some noob faffing about OKC on em’…

And that noobs name? It’s Ryan Norberg! :sunglasses:

If you can get to OKC for a day consider doing a 1 day driver coaching session. Not cheep but you get a real race kart, review from an on kart camera and data logging.

Naturally, corporate travel being what it is, someone else was assigned the trip. There’ll be others, I’m sure. I’ll keep this guidance handy for future visits!

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